How to Get to Rio

How to Get to Rio by Julie Fison

Book: How to Get to Rio by Julie Fison Read Free Book Online
Authors: Julie Fison
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crept on our hands and knees across the grass. From the amount of noise coming from the big tent, it sounded like the Rodent Tribe were in that one. And by the smell of it, they were having a farting competition. We sneaked past, holding our noses, and slipped into the boys’ smaller tent. Izzy flashed the torch inside. It was a total pigsty, but there was no sign of boys or lollies.
    ‘We need a diversion,’ Mia whispered as we crawled out of the tent.
    I knew exactly what to do. ‘I’ll get them out, you two get the loot and we’ll meet at the girls’ toilets.’
    The girls hovered behind the noisy tent while I went into action.
    ‘I’m up for catch and kiss!’ I shouted.
    Seven boys all screamed at once. They tumbled out of their tent, arms and legs going everywhere. Then they scattered into the darkness squealing ‘Girls’ germs!’
    I ran after them. ‘Oh, come back,’ I wailed. ‘I want to kiss you!’
    I gave chase for several minutes – long enough for Mia and Izzy to accomplish their mission. Then I tiptoed off to the shower block.
    Mia and Izzy were waiting there with huge smiles and two big bags full of lollies. They waved their loot at me. ‘We got everything,’ Mia said.
    ‘And nearly died of suffocation in that stink fog,’ Izzy said, coughing. She opened her bag and peered inside. ‘I can’t believe how many lollies are in here. I wasn’t allowed to have any lollies when I was their age.’
    ‘I’m still not allowed,’ Mia frowned, ‘because I’m in training.’ She pulled out a set of pink and white lolly teeth and wore them in her mouth like false teeth. Then she quickly stuffed a pineapple and teddy bear in, too. ‘These are so good!’ she garbled around a mouthful of lollies. ‘Oo on, ’ave some,’ she said, offering me the bag.
    I grabbed a handful and looked around. The shower block wasn’t the nicest place for a late-night lolly feast. ‘Should we go back to the tent to eat these?’
    ‘No way,’ Izzy said, shaking her head. ‘That’s the first place they’ll look for us.’
    We finally decided the safest place would be the camp kitchen. We scurried across the camping ground with our stash, like the sneaky little thieves that we were. We fumbled our way into the kitchen, which was in complete darkness, except for the blue glow of a mosquito zapper.
    ‘Don’t turn on the light,’ hissed Izzy. ‘You’ll give us away.’
    Izzy and Mia found a bench and sat at one end. I was just about to sit down when I noticed something.
    ‘Can you see what I see?’ I said.
    ‘Doubt it. I can’t see a thing,’ Izzy said, rummaging through her bag. ‘Including what’s in here. I’m not even sure they’re lollies.’
    ‘Over there on the wall,’ I said. ‘It’s a kettle.’
    ‘Oh, hurrah!’ Mia said in a posh voice. ‘Anyone for a nice cup of tea?’
    Without explaining, I dashed out of the kitchen. I was super excited about my discovery. A power point! Now I could charge my phone! Then I’d be able to text Persephone and, with any luck, see Rio.
    I was fumbling with the zip on our tent when a bat flapped overhead. I watched it pass and was suddenly struck by the night sky. The stars were so bright it was like the whole solar system had been amped up.
    Then, out of nowhere, a star shot across the sky. A shooting star! How lucky is that? I thought. I closed my eyes and wished. I wished for a kiss with Rio. I opened my eyes, hoping Rio would wander out of the darkness and whisper my name. But there was nothing.
    I sighed, a little disappointed that the shooting star hadn’t worked, and clambered into the tent to find my phone. While I rummaged through my bag, I imagined Rio peering over my shoulder watching me.
    ‘So, what do you think of The Lost World?’ I asked him.
    Then I did his voice. ‘Pretty cool. And I especially liked seeing you play volleyball on the beach before. You were smashing it!’
    I smiled coyly as I pulled out my charger. ‘Oh, you are too

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