His Golden Heart

His Golden Heart by Marcia King-Gamble

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Authors: Marcia King-Gamble
years. He has a reputation for winning tough cases. I just happen to think I’m better.”
    Shayna smiled at his arrogance, clinking her wineglass against his. “Hey, that’s why we hired you. You did say Anderson had children. One of his sons was a problem child?”
    “That would be Beau. He’s since turned himself around and is quite the big name. You’ve heard of Beaumont Hill, the skier? The guy who took a pretty bad fall at the Olympics. We were so sure he would win a gold medal.”
    Shayna almost choked on her own wine. “Beau—uh—Hill,” she stammered, dabbing at her mouth with a napkin, while trying to regain her composure. “Beau Hill is Edward Anderson’s son?”
    Colin shoved her glass of water at her. “Easy now. Yes, he is.”
    Shayna did a quick recovery. Her lungs still felt compressed and her breathing constricted. “Beau’s a patient of mine. How could he and Ed Anderson be related? They look nothing alike.”
    “Ed adopted him. He raised Beau as his own.” Colin’s cognac eyes twinkled. He leaned across the table and looked directly at Shayna. She refused to believe he was flirting. “How come you’ve never mentioned you were Beau’s therapist? Is he my competition?”
    Shayna ignored the latter part of the question. “I’m not in the habit of discussing my patients,” she said. Her mind raced a mile a minute. Beau related to Edward Anderson. Ed Anderson’s son.
    Colin’s fingers circled the stem of his wineglass. He continued to stare at her. “It would be difficult to work with the son of a man determined to put your brother behind bars.”
    “I’d never let my personal feelings get in the way,” Shayna got out. She was much too professional for that, but still.
    A hundred thoughts milled around in her head. Beau had been adopted by the man out to get her brother. She struggled with the dilemma of turning him over to another therapist. It was the right thing to do. But she hated backing off from a challenge. Maybe she could make this work to her advantage after all. This could well be her opportunity to assure her brother a viable future.
    “Wouldn’t it be easier to have another therapist work with Beau?” Colin asked, echoing her initial thoughts.
    “I can handle this,” Shayna answered, more haughtily than she intended.
    “You’re human,” Colin countered, covering her hand with his. “It’s natural to feel resentment. Beau’s father is convinced your brother’s a criminal.”
    Reggie was no criminal. Stubborn at times, prone to poor judgment, but a criminal, no. It would kill her if Reggie was put away for a crime he didn’t commit. Worse, it would kill Reggie.
    Blinking back tears, Shayna said, “You wouldn’t let Reggie go to jail. Would you?”
    “Not if I can help it. I’m a damn good lawyer and I believe in your brother’s innocence. I’m also attracted to you.”
    With that Colin picked up his knife and fork and began attacking his veal. Shayna nibbled on her duck, discovering she no longer had an appetite. She used her napkin to wipe her mouth and then rearranged the cutlery. How did her life all of a sudden get so complicated?
    “Do you know why the Andersons adopted Beau?” Shayna asked, scrambling for something to say. “Most white families want kids who look like them. They could have picked any kid.”
    “I can only tell you what I heard. Beau was ten years old when the Andersons adopted him. He’d been living in a bunch of foster homes. Edward Anderson had handled his parents’ estate as a favor. He took an interest in the boy. His parents had been big-name athletes themselves, and had lived a pretty wild life.”
    “Beau’s real parents are dead then?” she asked, suddenly fascinated by the story. Everything to do with Beau had begun to fascinate her lately.
    “Killed in a car accident. Rumor had it they’d been partying. They did a lot of that.”
    “Sounds like the poor guy’s had more than his share of hard

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