HIS (A Billionaire Romance Novel)

HIS (A Billionaire Romance Novel) by Kat Jackson

Book: HIS (A Billionaire Romance Novel) by Kat Jackson Read Free Book Online
Authors: Kat Jackson
shocked to cuss him out, or to do anything other than let a heavy silence fall over us.
    After a few moments, Mitchell began again. “Now that that’s settled, do let Mr. Cross know about the meeting, won’t you?”
    I was shaking. My fingers were clenched so tightly around the phone I wasn’t sure if I’d ever be able to unwind them again.
    “Yes,” I said, and said nothing more. I didn’t want to give him the satisfaction of hearing my voice tremble.
    And then Mitchell Darling said the two words that sealed his fate: “Good girl.”
    I hung up the phone. Then I returned to the dining room where Tyler was waiting for me.
    “And what did that bastard want?” he asked, his hands clasped over his food.
    I passed by my seat and walked the length of the long, cherry wood table. I set my phone down along the way and used my newly-freed fingers to slowly unbutton my shirt. I locked my gaze with Tyler’s as I shrugged the blouse to the floor and worked next on the clasp holding my bra in place.
    Tyler raised an eyebrow at me, but remained silent. Intrigue flashed in his eyes, but as always, he played it cool.
    When I reached him, he leaned back in his chair and looked up at me in that distant and disconnected way he always did whenever he was trying to hide his emotions. But his dick gave him away. I could see it bulging and throbbing through the front of his pants.
    I let my fury sear through my veins as I discarded my bra. I let it drive me forward, let it give me the confidence I needed to gingerly pluck Tyler’s wine glass from the table and bring it to my lips. I took a long sip of the blood red wine within and then lowered the glass to my chest. Tilting it, I let sanguine rivers spill over my collar bone and down the swells of my full, hardening breasts.
    Finally, Tyler broke our stare. His eyes fell to my wine-soaked nipples and his lips parted.
    “Drink,” I said as I sat on the edge of the table. I leaned forward, offering my breast to him.
    He paused briefly, his gaze darting up to mine. Tyler was used to being in control. It was his life, his fetish. It made him feel safe and secure and able to deal with the many stresses of his life. He needed it to function, and if he couldn’t have it, then he was useless.
    I was going to challenge that now. I was going to change it.
    He didn’t refuse me. Maybe it was how tantalizing my breast looked covered in wine. Regardless, Tyler leaned forward and grabbed me around my waist, pulling his chair in at the same time his mouth closed around my pebbled nipple.
    I drew in a sharp breath as he sucked down the wine, his tongue flicking and swirling and writhing against my raw nerves. I poured another stream down my chest and he lapped that up as well, his hot tongue scorching my flesh. Then he blew a soft puff of cool breath on the trails he’d left, and my skin prickled into goosebumps.
    He was about to suckle my other breast when I raised my knee between us. “No,” I said.
    Tyler looked at me like he didn’t understand the word, but he stopped all the same. I watched him as I hiked up my skirt and wriggled free of the panties underneath. Then I dipped my finger into what remained in his glass, and when it was soaked with wine, I lowered it to my slit and pushed it in between.
    I bit my lip and rubbed that crimson nectar over my rosebud, over my inner petals, and further still to my chasm’s entrance. I made sure my pussy was slathered in it before I reached out to touch his mouth. Tyler, sensing my need, wrapping his lips around my finger and sampled the flavor of his wine and my desire. They must have made a heady concoction, because he closed his eyes and savored it.
    He was responding well so far. But how far could I push him before he needed to assert his dominance again?
    There was only one way to find out.
    I pulled my finger away from Tyler’s lips and leaned back on my

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