High Octane Heroes

High Octane Heroes by Delilah Devlin (ed)

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Authors: Delilah Devlin (ed)
her back pressed against the wall. The concrete blocks were cold against her bare back, but it did little to stem the rush of hot desire rolling through her. Kyle placed a hand on either side of her head, pinning her in place. The cords of muscles rippled as he flexed. Everything about him was rock hard—his body, demeanor, even the vibe he threw off. It didn’t matter; Lila wanted him.

    “Say it again.” His voice was low, commanding in the same way he’d yell at her to do another five push-ups, urge her on to do three more reps with the weights, push her to run another half mile. “Lila.”
    “I’m attracted to you.” She wanted to swallow past the sudden dryness in her mouth, but she couldn’t make her body comply.
    “Why did you choose me as your trainer?”
    It was an odd question, but she saw that the answer was important to him. “You were recommended by my physiotherapist. He said that he couldn’t do anything else for me, and that I needed to build my muscle strength.”
    The car accident had taken a lot out of her, both mentally and physically. She’d given up on herself for a very long time, gained weight, lived with the pain until Kyle came along and gave her the push she needed to reclaim her life.
    “I’d wanted to give up on myself so much over the past year, but you kept me going.” She dropped his gaze once more, unable to handle the intensity any longer. “I didn’t want to disappoint you.”
    Kyle took her chin in his hand and lifted it. “Not possible.”
    Shit, there was no way she’d be able to be with someone like Kyle. He was the most attractive man she’d ever met. She’d seen the way the women at the gym would preen whenever he walked into the room, the way conversation brightened when he drew close. Hell, even the other men would work a little harder when he came close. Not that Kyle responded to any of it. Which was…odd. “Am I making a fool of myself? Of course I am. I should go.”
    “You came here tonight to tell me you were attracted to me.” Kyle leaned in until his mouth hovered above her ear. “Did you think I was going to fuck you?”

    Lila’s chest tightened as she sucked in a breath. The scent of sweat and Kyle’s soap filled her senses. It was familiar, equal parts comforting and arousing. Her pussy tingled and grew wet when he nipped at the top of her ear.
    “Fuck?” She couldn’t manage more than a whisper. “I…”
    “Did you want to see if you could get me out of your system? Scratch the itch?” He lowered his mouth so his lips brushed the side of her neck. “You want to touch my body the way you’ve wanted to for months? See if my muscles are as hard as they look?”
    “Christ,” she muttered. “I don’t know.”
    “I do.” He came closer, pressing his thighs to hers. There was no mistaking the erection hard against her belly. “I don’t fuck clients. Never. I don’t normally fuck former clients either.”
    Lila squeezed her fingers against the wall. She wanted to touch him, run her fingers through his black hair, scratch her nails down his back as he ground her pussy against his cock. If she moved, there would be nothing holding back the wave of desire she’d dammed up for months now.
    Kyle moved one hand from the wall to the side of her neck. He didn’t touch her skin, letting it hover an inch above. “You’re not a typical client. I want you.”
    Her head spun as the meaning of his words sunk in. “You… do?”
    “I’m not used to holding back with women. I watched you fight to reclaim your life, your body. You transformed before my eyes. You weren’t doing it for me, but for yourself. Every time you kept going and fought through the pain, I respected you a bit more. Not everyone has that inner strength.” He finally lowered his mouth to her neck and licked the skin. “It turns me on.”
    Her eyes slipped shut, and she knew she was about to lose all
semblance of control. But she had one last question before she’d

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