Her Sweetest Revenge (Delphine Publications Presents)

Her Sweetest Revenge (Delphine Publications Presents) by Author Saundra

Book: Her Sweetest Revenge (Delphine Publications Presents) by Author Saundra Read Free Book Online
Authors: Author Saundra
Agreed,” Monica replied without hesitation.
    “ Li’l Bo?” I nudged his leg with my fist knuckles.
    “ A’ight. I won’t shoplift,” he said, sounding annoyed.
    “ Cool, now leave so I can eat in peace,” I smiled.
    “ Uhh, this is my room, too,” Monica reminded me.
    “ Oh, sorry, you can stay. Li’l Bo, get out.”
    “ I’ll go but call me if you get full,” he reminded me.
    Li’l Bo left the room, and Monica started to straighten the covers on her bed. With all my excitement I still noticed one important person was missing.
    “ Monica, where is Mom?” I asked before stuffing my mouth with more pancakes and taking a sausage and dipping it in the maple syrup.
    “ She ain’t here; didn’t come home last night. Mya, I just knew she would be here this morning for your birthday.” Monica looked sad.
    “ Yeah, at least.” I continued to eat trying to sound unconcerned. “I can’t believe you not freaking out about her not being home. I know you worried.”
    “ Not today. My only concern was wishing you a happy birthday. Like you always tell me, I’m sure she’s fine, right?” Monica tried to sound convinced.
    “ Right,” I said pissed at the fact she ain’t home to wish me a happy birthday but also determined not to let her mess up my day. So I announced my plan for this morning. “Guess what?” I took a bit of my bacon and smiled. “I’m going to get my hair done after I eat this breakfast. A new look is what I plan to get.”
    “ Wow! What look do you have in mind?” she asked with excitement.
    “ I haven’t made up my mind yet. But I was thinking that short haircut like Kandi has on The Real Housewives of Atlanta but a little shorter. That’s hot!” I got excited thinking about that hairdo on me. “How about you go with me? It’ll be fun.”
    Monica gave me a big smile, and I know she was down. Excited about my day, I started to devour all my food fast so we could get an early start to a salon. Although I wasn’t sure which salon I would use, I had one in mind. I have always kept up with all the hair salons in the Detroit area. I keep up with what type of hairstyles they specialize in. I guess this sort of thing comes with the passion I have for doing hair. There was this new salon in the Detroit area called 4EverStylz. Recently I read some good reviews about them in a Detroit local magazine. Maybe I’ll stop by to see if they take walk-ins.
    Welcome to 4EverStylz,” the redheaded girl behind the receptionist desk greeted us when we entered the hair salon.
    The place was elegant and beautiful. When we walked in I was speechless. I lost my voice so Monica spoke up.
    “ Hello,” Monica replied and gave me nudge on the arm.
    “ Um, um. Hi,” I stammered over my words. Embarrassed at my behavior, I apologized. “Sorry. It’s just this place doesn’t look like a hair salon.” I felt like the receptionist and the women standing behind her were looking at me like I was crazy. So I tried to explain. “It’s just really nice, very unique.”
    “ Thanks,” the women behind the receptionist replied with a smile.
    “ How can I help you?” the receptionist asked.
    “ Well, I was hop . . . I mean, wondering, if you guys take walk-ins.”
    “ Actually, we don’t,” the receptionist informed me. “But I can set you up an appointment with one of our stylists.”
    “ I kinda figured that. Never mind.” I turned to leave.
    “ You know what? I’ll do it,” I heard the voice of the other lady who was standing behind the receptionist speak up.
    I turned around slowly to see her step from behind the desk. She extended her hand to me. “Hi, I’m Pepper. I’m the owner here at 4EverStylz. I am also one of the top stylists here, and your name is?” she asked.
    “ Mya.” I extended my hand. “And this is my sister, Monica.”
    “ Well, it’s nice to

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