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Authors: Sandra S. Kerns
my stomach,” she said, turning back to the table and smiling.
    “Thank you, dear,” Jean said. “Don’t worry with cleaning up. The girls and I can take care of that.”
    “I’ll take care of that,” Dos said.
    Copper almost laughed at the argument to do dishes. Before it could go any further Dos’ cell phone rang. He looked at the display then at her.
    “Did you call your father yet?”
    Squinching her eyes closed, she shook her head. The ring of the phone now sounded like a fire alarm.
    “We need to take this. Be back in a minute,” he said. “Yes, Colonel.”
    Copper smiled apologies to the family as she followed Dos to the privacy of his bedroom. Great, now his mother would really think there was more to their relationship. She watched him, as he stood at the sliding glass door that lead to a deck. Closing the bedroom door she listened to make sure he didn’t tell her father anything about last night. All she heard were, yes sirs, and no sirs.
    He didn’t move, but stood like a statue looking out. After another minute his head bowed. Whatever her father had said bothered Dos. Copper wondered what it could be as Dos’ silence ended.
    “She’s here, sir,” he said and held the phone out to her.
    “Hey, Dad, what’s up?” She half listened to her father’s questions and interrogation about why she was at Dos’ house. Her attention was focused on the man in front of her. Knowing to find anything out she would have to get off the phone she turned away from the distraction.
    Sitting on the bed she told her father about the break in, and Dos’ offer to stay at his house until new locks could be put on hers. When her father told her that was a good idea she knew something bad had happened.
    “Yeah, well, I won’t be here long. I’ll take care of the locks after we go down and sign the police report.” Continuing to watch Dos’ unmoving form she said goodbye and closed the phone.
    “Dos?” she asked, walking up beside him at the window.
    He looked down at her and Copper was shocked by the devastation there. Whatever her father told him, it had rocked the big man to his core. Worse than that, it seemed to have taken the life out of him.
    “What did he say?” she asked, but before he could reply his eyes started to change. They widened before he squeezed them tightly closed.
    “He won’t be -- Shit.” He turned and stepped toward the bed, but faltered.
    Copper quickly caught him and helped him to sit on the edge of the bed. “Should I get Ace?”
    “No.” The word was ground out between his teeth. He reached for the nightstand. His hand was shaking so much she doubted he would be able to open the drawer. She reached over.
    Inside she found a book and what looked like breath strips. With his hands shaking so much she figured he wasn’t after the book. She picked up the other and took out a strip. Though his jaw seemed clenched tight he managed to open it a little and she slipped the strip onto his tongue.
    Her heart in her throat she moved to go get his brothers. Dos grabbed her wrist. Copper met his pained, but determined gaze.
    “Okay,” she said softly. “But I’m staying.”
    Pulling her wrist from his unbearable hold she stroked his cheek as a spasm tore through his body. He fell backwards onto the bed, his back arching and his muscles rigid. Copper crawled up next to him.
    Starting at his head she began rubbing his temples and worked her fingers down over the rock hard muscles and tendons of his face. His breathing was very shallow and she started to worry about a heart attack. She wanted to get help, but his gaze stayed locked with hers and she couldn’t look away. Couldn’t break the connection feeling it was important he stay connected with someone.
    She kept working. Her fingers kneaded the corded muscles of his neck. His pulse was racing as she reached the base of his neck and began working his shoulders. After a moment she felt the tension ease a little. Checking his pulse

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