Her Master Defender (The Masters Men Series)

Her Master Defender (The Masters Men Series) by Sandra S. Kerns

Book: Her Master Defender (The Masters Men Series) by Sandra S. Kerns Read Free Book Online
Authors: Sandra S. Kerns
    “You’re too kind. We barely know each other, though.”
    Shaking his head at her unrealized blunder Dos stepped closer. “She’s a neighbor, Mom, nothing else. She had some trouble at her house last night. I said she could stay here. That’s all.”
    Jean patted Dos on the chest and smiled up at him, meaning she wasn’t buying a word of it. “Of course, you did. That’s what neighbors do. And since it appears you’re her only neighbor, if that house we passed on the way up is hers, it’s a good thing.”
    “Yes, ma’am, that’s mine. I inherited it from my grandparents several years ago.”
    “Oh, I’m sorry for your loss,” Jean said.
    “It’s okay; I know they’re watching over me.”
    Dos had wondered about her just happening to live near him. Hearing she’d inherited the place, and knowing the Colonel only knew his brothers’ addresses, not his cabin’s, he realized he’d been wrong. His mother turned and smiled up at him.
    “She’s a sweet girl, Dos,” she said, then started directing the rest of the family much to his relief.
    “Put the hot dish on the stove and the rest on the bar. We’ll have a breakfast buffet.”
    His step-father shook his head. “Don’t bother, Dos. You know how she is when it comes to you boys. The sooner you give in, the sooner I can get her out of your hair.”
    Grinning Dos nodded. Jamie understood the dynamics of the relationship. Their mother a little overprotective after their father had been killed; three boys desperately protective of their mother, but also on the verge of manhood, had made for an interesting household. Jamie, a quiet, thoughtful, accountant, spent a number of years calming the love and frustration filled waters of the original Masters’ clan.
    “Nice man,” Copper said beside Dos.
    “Yeah, he saved my mother from a life of heartache.”
    “He’s concerned about you, too. I can see it in his eyes.”
    “I’m not blind or uncaring, Copper. I just like to take care of myself. Jamie understands that.”
    She rolled her eyes. “Men, you’re either babies acting as if you’re dying when you have the sniffles, or too macho to ask for help when you really need it.”
    “Sorry to disappoint you, but I’m neither. I don’t wimp out when I get a cold, and I’m not being macho, there’s just nothing anyone can do for me. I’m fine.”
    “God, save me from military men,” she grumbled beside him.
    He knew Copper was frustrated with him, but she didn’t move away. Watching the familiar hive of activity he wondered if she felt half as out of place as he did. Having lived alone and far away the majority of the last ten years, and months kept captive, he found family gatherings too busy and loud. He glanced down at Copper as she turned quickly causing her hair to whip across his arm. Damn her hair was gorgeous.
    “Who’s that?” she said, her voice sounding nervous.
    Dos glanced out the window. “Relax, it’s Tres,” he said. “Only my brothers have the code to the gate.” He waited to see what her reaction would be when Tres stepped out of his truck. People who didn’t know all three of them were usually shocked.
    “I should have known,” she said, when the youngest of the Masters triplets closed the door to his truck. “You and Ace answered too quickly when I asked if you were twins. Then catching the names earlier, I don’t know why I didn’t put it together. I should have realized it was a game for you.”
    He should have known she wouldn’t react like most people. She had yet to do things the way he expected. “Yeah, well, boys will be boys.”
    She walked with him to the door as Tres stepped through. To Dos it felt way too good to have her beside him. It felt like they’d been doing it for years. Remembering he didn’t want to do anything with anyone for years he took Tres’ hand and hugged him. “Thanks for the warning,” he said quietly.
    “No problem. Looks like it’s a good thing I

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