Heartbreaker by Laurie Paige

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Authors: Laurie Paige
advantage, easier because we do, too, with DNA testing and all that.”
    â€œI don’t want to hear about your problems. I want a solution to mine,” Michael reminded his friend.
    â€œString him along. Tell him you’re talking to the other members of the hospital board to see how they feel before making a formal request.”
    â€œRight. I already said Mercado would have tocome in for an extensive exam and blood work before I could even consider his chances.”
    Spence stretched and yawned. “Okay then, we got your problem solved.”
    â€œTemporarily. I don’t think the Texas Mafia don is an easy man to put off for very long.”
    â€œMaybe we’ll nail him for Carl Bridges’s murder before you have to act.”
    Michael was at once interested. “You think so?”
    â€œHell, no. I’m just daydreaming aloud. The bosses keep their hands clean, so the Feds will have to nail Mercado for income tax evasion or some crap like that. Keep me informed of your dealings with him, though. Just in case.”
    â€œWill do.” Michael exchanged rueful glances with his friend and wondered what had drawn Spence into his line of work. After their salads arrived and the blonde was gone, he asked the attorney about it.
    â€œFunny you should ask. I was thinking of that very thing last night,” Spence admitted, his brown eyes taking on an introspective light.
    The D.A. was around Michael’s age. At six feet, he was a couple of inches shorter, but was as lean and hard muscled.
    Spence kept himself in shape, Michael noted with his doctor’s eye. That was good. He needed physical outlets to handle the stress of his job, dealing withcriminals and courts and the extremely slow wheels of justice.
    â€œI don’t recall if I told you, but Flynt, Luke, Tyler and I were charged with manslaughter years ago.”
    â€œI’ve heard the story.”
    â€œCarl Bridges was the attorney who defended us. That was a life-changing experience for me. I decided, if we made it, I was going to go into law and help people.” Spence clenched one fist and banged it on the table. “I’d give my right arm to put away the goons who killed Carl.”
    A tray landed on their table with a crash that reverberated through the room. Daisy, their waitress, turned her back to them and put her hands over her face.
    Michael jumped to his feet. “Hey, you okay?”
    Pulling her hands down, he quickly examined her face but saw no signs of an imminent fainting spell.
    â€œI’m fine.” She pulled away and rubbed one eye. “It was just…I got something in my eye.”
    â€œSomething in my eye” sounded like “somethin’ in mah ahh,” when spoken in her twang.
    â€œLet me see,” he offered, picking up a napkin from the table.
    â€œNo. It’s fine now.” She blinked several times to show him. “Please, Dr. O’Day, be seated. Your food is getting cold. The manager will have my hide if it’s sent back.”
    Michael consented to take his seat and let herserve the meal. She topped off their iced tea glasses, checked that they had everything and left. He watched her hurried stride as she disappeared toward the kitchen.
    Spence studied Michael. “What?” he finally asked after taking a bite of his cheeseburger.
    â€œShe had tears in both eyes,” Michael said. “Usually, when you get something in your eye, only the one waters, not both, at least, not copiously. Daisy was about to burst into a storm of weeping.”
    â€œProbably a fight with her boyfriend,” Spence suggested, shrugging the woman’s worries aside.
    Michael resumed the previous conversation. “Any info you can share on Carl’s death?”
    Spence shook his head. He sighed. “Last night I dreamed of Haley Mercado.”
    â€œThe girl whose drowning you four were charged with?”
    â€œYes. I was in love with her all

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