Head Shot (A Thriller): A Crime and Suspense Thriller

Head Shot (A Thriller): A Crime and Suspense Thriller by Dani Amore

Book: Head Shot (A Thriller): A Crime and Suspense Thriller by Dani Amore Read Free Book Online
Authors: Dani Amore
grasping Lynn Dailey’s right breast.
    Stunned, Miss Karpinsky rushed in, and yanked Hank’s hand away.  Without a second’s hesitation, Hank stood and punched his teacher with everything his overly developed body had.
    The perky blonde fell backwards, her jaw cracked in three places.  She struggled to her feet and made it to the principal's office, where the secretaries called the police.
    It took five police offers to subdue Hank and his fists, and by the time he was safely locked inside a squad car, Miss Karpinsky was joined by a fellow teacher with broken ribs and a police officer with a hairline fracture of the skull.
    It had been Hank Campbell's first brush with the law, but it would not be the last.  Over the years, as Hank's body continued to grow, so did his transgressions.
    Of course, no one, not even Anita Karpinsky, could have predicted the infamy Hank Campbell, the King Blue Roomer of them all, would help bring to the good people of Rodgers Bay.

    In a trailer on the outskirts of Rodgers Bay, Michigan, Hank Campbell stood in all of his glorious naked manhood, all six feet five inches and three hundred and ninety pounds of him.  Since his time in the blue room, he had come a long way physically, if not geographically.
    His chest was covered with thick, greasy hair, as were his stomach, back, arms, hands and feet.
    Buried under the hair and burned into the top of his thick fat were many tattoos, rendered completely unrecognizable by their environment. Thick jowls, deep set eyes and a florid complexion were the hallmarks of his face.
    He hefted his eleventh beer of the night, and drained the entire can in three huge gulps.
    The inside of the trailer looked like the aftermath of a tornado; debris was scattered everywhere.  In the corner of the living room sat Hank’s chair, a bright, deer-hunting orange La-Z-Boy with oil stains on the head cushion where Hank’s head rested for up to 8 hours a day.
    The armrests of the chair were stained also, the right one being primarily beer stains, the left armrest being mostly sweat stains from Hank’s hand holding the remote control.
    About the only thing that looked worse than the inside of the trailer was how the inside of the trailer smelled.  A nearly four hundred pound man who rarely bathed could create quite an aroma inside such cramped quarters.
    Of course, the current smell was nothing compared to the odors emanating from the trailer two years ago.
    In spring of that year, the Rodgers Bay police department received complaints of an offensive smell coming from the address that matched the one on Hank Campbell's trailer door.
    When they investigated, they discovered the body of Gretchen Campbell, Hank's mother, in the bathtub.  She had been dead for almost a year, and although the body was covered in lime, it had deteriorated significantly.
    Hank had not wanted his “beer money” to be cut short, so he had not reported his mother’s death in order to continue collecting her Social Security check.  He was forced to pay the money back, but he had gotten nearly twenty thousand dollars from the insurance company, which was enough to pay for the funeral and the money due the government, with a little left over.
    The whole affair had humiliated Hank Campbell, as much as he was able to perceive the impression he had made on rest of the small town.
    He took to cleaning his guns more regularly, and he stayed inside his trailer more, the only other place he had in the whole world was Feit's Saloon in Rodgers Bay.
    There was a stool reserved for Hank at that bar; he had once stopped a bar fight by beating both of the participants to a bloody pulp, and in the process, he had become the unofficial bouncer of the place.  There weren't too many people, no matter how many beers and shots they'd downed, who had the nerve to go up against Hank Campbell.
    The big man lifted up his arms and sniffed his armpits, they didn't smell too bad, so he pulled

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