Hard Ride, Part 3

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Authors: Opal Carew
    â€œShe’s in an induced coma, so she won’t regain consciousness,” the nurse said to Shock, who’d followed her in, “but you’re both welcome to sit with her as long as you like.”
    A moment later, she felt Shock at her side.
    â€œLiv, sit.” He had pulled a chair close to the bed. Liv sank into it.
    He pulled over another chair and sat beside her. He rested his hand on her arm as she sat staring at Julia, pain gnawing at her insides. She barely noticed Shock beside her, but on some level, his warmth and strength helped.
    Time passed, she didn’t know how much. Shock went to talk to the nurse for a little while, but other than that, he’d stayed by her side. He’d offered to get her a coffee a couple of times, which she declined.
    The hospital was quiet. They’d arrived after midnight and she knew it was the wee hours, but slowly light crept into the room with the rising sun.
    She could sense the increased activity around them, which made her feel even more weary than she was. The nurse who had led them into Julia’s room had stopped by several times during the night, but now a new nurse showed up to check Julia’s chart.
    Shock excused himself, then returned a few minutes later.
    â€œI talked to the nurse and she said the doctor will want to talk to you, but he won’t be available until this afternoon. Why don’t we go get a few hours’ sleep?”
    Liv was exhausted and knew what he suggested was wise. She nodded and squeezed Julia’s hand, then let Shock lead her out the door.
    * * *
    â€œLiv. It’s time to wake up.”
    Liv opened her eyes and glanced around, disoriented. She was lying in a soft, cozy bed, sunlight streaming in the window.
    She blinked as she glanced up at Shock, who stood leaning over her.
    â€œWhere am I?”
    â€œYou’re in the hotel.”
    She sat up. “How’s Julia? Can I go see her now?”
    Fear jolted through her. What if she’d slept too long? What if Julia was … if she …
    â€œYes, that’s why I called you. The doctor wants to speak with you. Then you can see Julia.”
    Liv stood up and hurried to the bathroom to wash her face, then she followed Shock from the room. After a short cab ride they stepped off the elevator and went to the nurses’ station near Julia’s room.
    Shock spoke with the woman behind the counter, then someone led them to an office. She and Shock sat in the two guest chairs facing a small desk and waited.
    A tall, blond doctor stepped into the room and closed the door behind him. “Hello, I’m Dr. Greyson,” he said. “Miss Hughes?”
    â€œYes.” Liv watched him sit in the chair behind the desk, her stomach clenching, afraid of what he might be about to tell them.
    â€œAs you know, we thought your sister was in remission after the surgery, but then she took a downward turn. We put her into a medically induced coma until we could talk to you and decide what course of action to take.”
    Liv nodded. “They called yesterday and told me that …” She bit her lip, trying to stop it from quivering. “That she was dying.”
    â€œWell, we didn’t have many options, and most of them were very expensive and with no guarantees.” His kind blue eyes locked on her. “Now, however, I have some promising news. It seems that there might be another course of action we can take. We did some tests earlier today—they were on the recommendation of a specialist from another hospital who has had great success in these cases—and it looks like there is a very new, very experimental drug we could try.”
    â€œReally?” Hope rose in her.
    â€œAnd don’t worry about the cost and the insurance stuff—I’ll handle all that,” Shock said, squeezing her shoulder.
    Anxiety washed through her. “I can’t let you—”

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