Hacking the SEAL (Saving the SEALs Series Book 2)

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Book: Hacking the SEAL (Saving the SEALs Series Book 2) by Leslie North Read Free Book Online
Authors: Leslie North
again, his unease sprouting tentacles that choked his airways as he spotted a badly scarred man limping toward the bridge from the opposite direction. “Fuck.” Scotty pressed the Bluetooth to his ear, even his tone aggressive. “Becks is here.”
    “Shit.” Spencer said. “Are you sure I can’t waste ‘em, Kyle? Please?”
    “Negative,” Kyle responded. “Stick to the mission at hand.”
    “Shit. I could take him out too. One shot, clean and clear.” Spence said. “Please say yes.”
    “No.” Kyle sounded all kinds of pissed. “No one opens fire. Understand?”
    “I swear to God, if you take that shot Frogman, it will be your last.”
    “Goddammit.” Spence’s sigh blustered through the communication lines. “I could take him.”
    “Not yet.” Kyle said. “Don’t you think I want that fucker dead too? He took out my brother, for Christ’s sake. But we need to find out why Becks is here first. This goes beyond some revenge pact. I can feel it.”
    Kyle and his “feelings” were legendary in their team. He’d once predicted an IED explosion and they’d avoided it, based solely on his gut instincts. Shit. Scotty exhaled loud and zoomed in with his binoculars again. Natalie had stopped now, beside the guy, slipped something from the bag near her hip and passed it to him. He nodded and took off, back in the same direction he’d entered from.
    Aw, fuck…
    “Uh, guys.” Scotty sat and rubbed his eyes. “Natalie just passed information to Becks.”
    “What?” The trio of identical responses rang with disbelief.
    He glanced over at Hayley. “Did the camera feeds pick that up?”
    She nodded, winced. “Sorry.”
    “We got it on tape. Definite exchange.”
    “What does that mean?” Gage said. “Is she in cahoots with Becks?”
    “Motherfucker.” The vehemence in Spence’s voice made Scotty cringe. “That bitch double timed us. Double timed Nick.”
    “There’s something strange going on, that’s for sure.” Scotty removed his black baseball hat and ran a hand through his hair. “We need to interrogate her and find out what the hell she knows.”
    “Yes, we do.” Kyle’s words sounded clipped. “Gage, grab her. If she betrayed my baby brother, I swear to God…”
    He didn’t finish the sentence. He didn’t have to.
    “What’s going on?” Hayley asked. “What are they going to do?”
    “Capture that traitorous bitch and bring her in.”
    “You don’t know Natalie’s a traitor,” Hayley whispered from behind him. “What if Becks threatened her in some way?”
    “I don’t give a shit what that asshole did or didn’t do to her. There’s no reason for her to have any contact with him. There’s every indication he killed her husband for fuck’s sake. Killed my friend.” He scowled and shrugged off her hand on his shoulder. “Now, monitor those feeds so we can get this done, okay?”
    She sat back against the wall, anger sparking in her gaze. “Fine.”
    “I’m going down the way a bit, so I can see Spence better. You stay right here until I come back for you, got it, Red?”
    Hayley gave him a harsh glare and a mock salute. “Whatever.”
    Grumbling, Scotty traversed the muddy river bank then knelt near a large boulder and peered through his binoculars again. Gage was closing in on the widow while Scotty stood on the roof to change positions. To passersby, Spence appeared like a normal college kid, in his Columbia sweatshirt and sneakers. But beneath those innocuous clothes lurked lightening quick reflexes and the best marksman the U.S. military had to offer.
    “Okay.” Scotty said, “Get ready for my signal. She’s almost in position.”
    “Roger.” The team said.
    Gage moved closer to the end of the bridge, stooping down and pretended to study some rocks near the shore, keeping his face averted in case Natalie looked over and recognized him. From a corner of one of the row houses, Spence was poised, his weapon trained on the bridge. Kyle

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