Grid Iron Bad Boy: A Football Romance

Grid Iron Bad Boy: A Football Romance by Eddie Cleveland

Book: Grid Iron Bad Boy: A Football Romance by Eddie Cleveland Read Free Book Online
Authors: Eddie Cleveland
confirm her story. “Besides,” her face perks up and she looks across the table at me, “now I have more time for things like having coffee with my favorite sister,” a smile finally touches her lips.
    “Your only sister,” I stress.
    “Right and by default, my favorite,” she grins.
    “You’re too kind,” I smirk at her.
    “Yeah, well, what can I say? I’m just full of love,” her smile grows behind her Santa cup.
    “Full of something.”
    Lauren laughs and it does my heart good to see her relax again.
    “OK, enough about me and the baby, I want to hear about what’s going on with you and Mr. Football Star,” her eyes twinkle, “spill it,” she prods.
    I take a huge mouthful of coffee as I gather my scattered thoughts. The wings of a thousand butterflies tickle my insides every time I think about him. Each of those butterflies must have one of my thoughts or emotions strapped to its back as they dance in the chaos of my mind. One second I feel like I may have met my soulmate and the next I’m chiding myself for ever buying into his smooth words.
    My feelings about him keep swirling around, making me confused. Not to mention dizzy.
    “Well,” I swallow hard, “first he showed up on his motorcycle and drove us up to Flagstaff to watch the sunset,” I begin.
    “How many times has he pulled that one out of his hat, I wonder,” she muses. My sister is well aware of Cameron’s reputation. As one of her husband’s close friends and ex-platoon members, she’s seen him a lot more over the years than I have.
    “That’s what I said to him!”
    “I bet you did.”
    “Yep, so then we went to see a concert on campus, but these girls were buzzing around him and wouldn’t back off,” I roll my eyes at the memory of their rudeness.
    “Yes. Anyway, we left and Cameron took me to the stadium. He knows the alarm code and we stayed there.” I look into my empty cup.
    “Oh my God. I bet he does that move all the time too! Of course he knows the security code. He would! Sounds like you got a big slice of the Cameron special, huh?” She chuckles. “I would’ve loved to see his face when you called him on that,” her eyes scan my face, but I keep my head bowed.
    “Well…” I can’t look at her.
    “Wait,” she says the word slowly, as she turns the thoughts over in her mind, “you’re not saying? It didn’t work on you, did it?” Her lips are parted and her eyes are wide.
    “It wasn’t like that. I mean, he was sweet and sexy,” I can hear the feeble excuses pouring from my mouth. “I don’t know. I probably won’t go out with him again, but it was nice to cut loose and have some fun for once,” I admit.
    Lauren nods her head silently, the smirk melting from her face. “No, you should go out with him again,” she says it like she’s stating a fact.
    “I don’t know. His life is university, football and parties. I’m past that phase, you know?” I peer up at her, secretly hoping she’ll help me build up a good case for it.
    “More like you never had that phase,” she counters. “When did you ever really break loose and just party? That was never you.”
    “No, not really,” I admit.
    “I say go for it. I can see how your face lights up when we talk about him. Did you have fun on your cheesy date?” She presses.
    “Yeah. More than fun. Parts of it were amazing.”
    “Then, there ya go. You need to go out with him again. Find out if you can break the wild stallion,” she twists her lips into a wry smile. “Seriously though, what do you have to lose?”
    Before I have a chance to search my mind for an answer, my cellphone interrupts us. Lauren practically jumps out of her skin and looks over her shoulder waiting to hear Honor protest angrily.
    “Hello?” I answer.
    “Hey gorgeous. Glad I caught you!”
    I mouth the words “It’s him,” to my sister.
    “Hey Cameron, what’s up?”
    “Not much, regular day. Can’t get you off my mind though. My coach is

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