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Authors: Jordan Bell
squeezed. “Let’s
hope it doesn’t burn to the ground, but even if it does? I won’t leave you to
face it alone.”
    Thank you for reading Josh and Kat’s story! But it’s not
over yet. The story picks up with broken hearts in GIRL IN PIECES before
crashing into the finale with WANTING IT ALL .
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    ͻ          If you’d like to read an excerpt from GIRL IN PIECES the
second book in this series, please keep reading.
    In GIRL IN PIECES , Josh has
turned his back on what happened between them, leaving Kat on her own to deal
with her new, stormy desires. When her relationship with her brother
deteriorates and financial troubles threaten to crush her dreams, Kat finds
herself seeking escape in another’s arms, one who is willing to mentor her
while she tries to get over her heartbreak. As her life goes to pieces, she
struggles to hold onto the girl she used to be while facing the girl she might
yet become.
    Enjoy the first chapter of GIRL IN PIECES !

Chapter One
    Josh was awake.
    I could see his bedroom light on from my window which had
never made me feel so much like a stalker until this morning.
    It was comforting, though, to know he was as awake at the
wrong end of the day as I was.
    The digital on my bedside table read 4:49 a.m. Below Josh’s
bedroom window the South River Bar sat quiet and dark. Someone had parked in
front of the fire hydrant again and behind that was a pale pink convertible La
Sabre with a cream top and white leather seats. You could always tell what kind
of night South River had by how many cars were still parked on the street after
last call.
    I settled my hands against the cool glass and marveled at
the bracelet of bruises he’d left across my wrists, blues almost too faded to
make out in the dim light. His big hands had fit perfectly around mine when
he’d held me down and held me still. If I closed my eyes, I could still feel
his breath on my neck and his weight and his…
    I shivered and pressed my fingertips into my eyes until
lights sparkled across my vision. Sleep was out of the question, no matter how
tired and heavy my body felt. Instead there was only pacing and thinking and
watching his window for a sign.
    It was inevitable really. Katrina Koile, stalker . I
was one pair of binoculars shy of a misdemeanor.
    Josh Murcek, my brother’s best friend and owner of the South
River Bar, was my second unofficial brother by choice. We grew up together,
even though he was five years older. Pop Murcek taught me to waltz when I was
sixteen and Josh tutored me in algebra at a booth in the back by the stage. He
taught me to tie cherry stems with my tongue, do tequila shots without wanting
to die, and defended me to Brian when Brian got into one of his anti-Kat moods.
    Josh…he’d always been my friend.
    My apartment sat diagonal to the bar and he lived in the
apartment above it. We had these rituals - Sunday mornings he’d make pancakes
and when I saw the vodka sign turn on in the window it was my signal to head
over. If I left the bar late I was to turn my bedroom light on as soon as I
made it home safely so he’d know.

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