Glorious Victorious Darcys 01.5 - His Broken Angel

Glorious Victorious Darcys 01.5 - His Broken Angel by Beth Ciotta

Book: Glorious Victorious Darcys 01.5 - His Broken Angel by Beth Ciotta Read Free Book Online
Authors: Beth Ciotta
and ran down the hall. Just as I rounded the Promenade, Will slammed into me. “
We’re under attack
,” he said.
    “There was gunfire, footfall. He steered me into the lounge where I saw the faces of a dozen refined men. All shocked. All flustered. Then a door slammed open and Will shoved me down behind a writing desk. “
Stay small
,” he said.
    “He left me then. To draw away attention or to take up arms. I don’t know. I stayed small, curled into a ball under that desk. I stayed small, but I saw through a crack. A monster showering the room with red hot bullets.”
    “What kind of gun?” Jasper asked carefully.
    “No gun. The bullets came from his arms.”
    “That doesn’t make sense,” P.J. said.
    “A man fell in front of the desk,” Lily said, voice brittle now. “I saw his face. His eyes. Will’s eyes. Dead eyes. I … I couldn’t move. Couldn’t breathe. Suddenly there was silence. I saw the monster turning toward the other end of the room and I panicked. He looked as if he was searching for someone. I scrambled toward the nearest door, tripping over bodies, slipping on blood.”
    She blew out a breath, palmed her forehead. “It’s all a blur after that. I just remember running for my life.”
    “That’s when I saw you,” Jasper said.
    “I hope what I told you helped,” Lily said, looking drained.
    “Not really,” P.J said. “A monster with arms that fire red hot bullets? That’s the best you can do?”
    Jasper shushed the obstinate woman before Doc could and Lily ripped a map from the wall. “Pencil?” she asked.
    Doc saw several and handed her one right quick.
    She placed the map, printed side down, on the floor, then fell to her knees and started to draw.
    Doc moved in as did Jasper, P.J. and Snoop. They all watched as Lily’s memory came to life.
    “Half man, half machine,” Snoop said.
    “Heard a rumor about enhanced humans—killing machines—being manufactured and distributed on the black market,” Jasper said. “Whoever hired this monster has ties to big money.”
    Doc shoved a hand through his hair, staring down in rapt appreciation of Lily’s talent. Her attention to detail was impressive. He marveled that she sketched so quickly and with complete ease. The intensity of her focus fairly hummed throughout the crowded room.
    At long last she looked up at the circle of people staring down. “Does this help?”
    “Aye,” Snoop said.
    Jasper stooped down. “This works fine, Lily. Better than fine. Don’t know this monster, but we’ll find him. And the traitor who hired him.”
    “Bloody good wanted poster,” P.J. said. “Thanks, kid.”
    All that remained was for Doc to say something, only he couldn’t find the words.
    Lily looked to Jasper. “I need fresh air.”
    “I’ll have Snoop escort you and Blue—”
    “I need to be alone.”
    Jasper glanced at Doc, and Doc reached down, grasping Lily’s elbow and helping her to her feet. “Too bad, angel, because I need to be with you.”

Chapter Thirteen
    Lily held her tongue and wits as Snoop escorted her and Doc one floor up and eventually to an outdoor terrace.
    “Protected vantage point,” the Fighter said. “You’ll be safe. All the same, I’ll be stationed on the other side of this door.”
    He left, and Lily turned her face to the sun. She welcomed the bright rays and the bracing chill of the fresh open air. She relished the sight of nature and thanked the lord for restoring her vision. Even though her soul was bruised and her heart wounded, she knew she was blessed.
    Moving closer to the railing, Lily admired a glimpse of sparkling blue ocean. White frothy waves crashed against jagged gray rocks. Green vines clung and climbed up the mountainside. Since she didn’t see the Tudor house facades or the airships or docking bays as described yesterday by Doc, she assumed they were on the backside of the fortress.
    “Brave of you to share what you saw that night, Lily. I know it wasn’t

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