Gift of the Black Virgin

Gift of the Black Virgin by Serena Janes

Book: Gift of the Black Virgin by Serena Janes Read Free Book Online
Authors: Serena Janes
Tags: Contemporary, Adult, Erotic Romance
another half hour for Jo to learn
that Luc had skidded into a delivery van just outside his office.
It was no one’s fault, a police officer told a sobbing Joanna as
she pushed past him to the emergency ward of the Centre
Hospitalier de Cahors .
    One look at the team of medical professionals
surrounding Luc’s bed and she felt her knees buckle. But strong
arms grabbed her and propped her back up on her feet. She heard a
babble of voices saying it was alright, just a break, he was in no
danger. Pulling away from whomever was holding her, she stumbled to
the bed and saw her husband, his face white and drawn, eyes
    “ Madame LaPlante?” a kindly but
officious voice asked. “We’re just waiting for the X-rays and then
we will take him into surgery. It’s the lower right leg. His bike
fell on it. He was in a lot of pain but he’s been sedated.”
    Jo looked up at a face she didn’t recognize,
and mumbled something.
    “He was very lucky, Madame LaPlante.
But he’ll be fine. Don’t worry.”
    While her husband was in surgery, Jo was
paralyzed by guilt.
    It’s all my fault! If only I hadn’t run out
to view that property. If only I hadn’t been so hot to buy a house
in the first place. What the hell was my hurry anyway?
    She paced the waiting room, berating herself
for her impatience. Her greed.
    What’s wrong with me? Don’t I already have
everything I could have ever hoped for? Why do I always want more,
more, more?
    She needed to talk to someone. For a moment,
she thought of calling Anna. But then she knew Anna was likely
wrist-deep in some patient’s mouth. She couldn’t expect a dentist
to just walk out on her appointments.
    She tried her sister, in Seattle, but there
was no answer.
    Then Jo thought of her friend Rose. She
dialed Rose’s number, but it went straight to voicemail.
    Alone, afraid, wracked by guilt, and angry at
herself, she wished a dozen times that she could replay the day.
Roll the clock back to the moment she opened her sleepy eyes and
felt her husband’s sweet breath on the back of her neck. Smelled
his warm skin, turned to kiss him and tasted his lips. Shivered
slightly as she heard his low voice saying, “Good morning, Mon
amore. Did you sleep well?”
    Instead, she’d caused him to go out onto icy
January roads on a heavy touring bike. It was a recipe for
disaster, she knew. Her face grew hot with shame every time she
thought of it.
    After an interminable wait, Luc’s doctor
finally appeared and introduced himself. Luc would be fine, he
said. A few scrapes, one quite deep along the side of this thigh,
but no head injury. The bad news was that his tibia and fibula were
both badly broken. It took the surgeon a long time, and several
bits of hardware, to piece the bones back together.
    “He will be off his feet for several weeks,
I’m afraid,” the doctor continued. “I want to keep him in for a few
days, but you can probably take him home the day after tomorrow.
Then it will be bed rest for a few more days. After that, limited
movement. Will there be someone at home to look after him?”
    “Yes. Me,” Jo said meekly.
    “ Tres bien. I’ll make sure you receive
all the supplies you’ll need and literature outlining his method of
treatment. Good day.”
    With that, the doctor turned on his heel and
walked away, leaving Jo with a head swimming with details.
    “When can I see him?” she called out. But it
was too late.
    Jo had never looked after for an invalid
before. Sick people frightened her. But life happens, and she found
herself, two days later, wheeling her drugged husband out to the
car to take him home. His entire lower leg was in a cast, the thigh
encased in bandages. The bike slid after it fell on him, dragging
him along the pavement.
    Luckily, his helmet and the thick leather of
his jacket prevented any more damage. It could have been so much
worse, Jo said to Luc’s father when she’d called him the night
    Anna met them at the spooky house

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