a group of other friends from the anthropology department where he and his brother were both finishing their masters degrees. Thea took up her customary spot between them and they headed haphazardly down the sidewalk toward her brownstone a few blocks away.
    At her front steps he started to bid them both farewell and carry on alone back to the loft he shared with his brother. The place was depressingly lonely lately, so he’d most likely end up at the seedy dive bar nearby and close it down before going home to pass out.
    Dimitri went in to hug Thea goodnight like always. Before he could react, her lips pressed against his, hot and sweet, and oh so welcome. His brain responded sluggishly at first, but other parts of him were much quicker on the uptake. His hands shifted down her back and pulled her closer before his actions registered.
    “Thea, I… I think you got a little confused there,” he said when he finally regained control and let go of her. “Alex is behind you. Honest mistake I guess.” His stomach lurched when he met Alex’s shocked gaze. His brother’s look quickly faded, replaced by amused understanding. What the hell was Alex up to? What were they both up to?
    “Nope,” Thea said. “Not confused at all. Come inside with us, sweetie. Don’t go home alone. Alex said you’d just go drink yourself silly anyway.”
    “Alex, what the fuck is going on?” Dimitri asked his brother. It was incredibly uncharacteristic for his twin to hide something like this.
    “I would’ve warned you, but she wanted it to be spontaneous. Are you coming in or not?”
    “You’re telling me you planned this?” he asked, staring between them both, incredulous.
    Thea appeared flushed and wide-eyed, but determined. “It was my idea, Dimitri. If you’re not comfortable that’s okay. Just come inside and at least talk about it, alright?”
    He followed, not quite certain what he should expect. The kiss had confused him as much as it had turned him on, and incited a whole slew of questions. But there was no talking. Once through her door, she grabbed his hand and pulled him against her again. She kicked off her shoes and stood on bare tiptoes to reach him. The kiss was sweeter this time, now that he was expecting it, but he still had the strangest sense that he was trespassing somehow. He pulled away again, glancing at Alex for direction and to wordlessly confirm that he really wasn’t crossing any lines.
    “It’s okay,” Thea whispered. “Alex, tell him it’s okay. Tell him I want you both. It’s as much for me as it is for you, Dimitri.” The exchange between the three of them was surreal. She kept her eyes locked on Dimitri’s while talking to his brother.
    Alex never said a single word. Instead, he led them both to the bedroom and paused by the bed, Thea facing him. He gave her a lust-filled, hungry look and captured her lips fiercely in his. The couple seemed to emanate desire and it only made Dimitri more uncertain what his role really was, particularly when Alex met his eyes over Thea’s smaller figure. Dimitri didn’t think he’d ever seen his brother look quite so lost to his libido, but then this was an aspect of their lives they’d never shared before.
    “You sure you’re okay with this?” Dimitri’s throat constricted.
    “Yeah… yeah I am.” Blue eyes stared back at him, the mirror image of his own, but filled with a certainty Dimitri couldn’t have managed even if he tried. His life had been one botched relationship after another for the last couple years, the latest just the cherry on top. Could he subsist on his brother’s convictions?
    He was still asking himself that question when Thea turned and leaned up on tiptoe to kiss him again. He closed his eyes and wrapped his arms around her, letting her press herself against him and tease her tongue deeper. She pulled away long enough to let Alex pull her shirt off over her head and unfasten her bra from behind. Her breasts were creamy and

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