Freeze Frame

Freeze Frame by Heidi Ayarbe

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Authors: Heidi Ayarbe
looked around. “Do you think they’re gonna make a movie about this? I, uh, wouldn’t want to look bad on the day they film.”
    â€œYeah, Michael Moore’s coming this afternoon,” I muttered.
    â€œWhat? Did you say…” She flipped her hair and globbed on some sparkly lip stuff that smelled like grapes.
    â€œWhat’s the deal with chicks and fruity-smelling lip stuff?” I’d asked Jason one day.
    â€œIt’s for hookin’ up. Don’t be a moron.”
    â€œYeah, like you’d know.”
    â€œYou’ve gotta be joking. You’ve never hooked up? Not even once?”
    I hadn’t really thought about it much, except for in the bathroom. “Well, yeah, but she didn’t have a whole bunch of strawberry shit all over her lips.”
    Jase grinned. He knew I was lying but didn’t call me on it. “It’s better with the lip gloss. Try it sometime,” he said.
    God, I hope Jason had sex. I mean, I hope he didn’t die a virgin. I hadn’t thought about that before.
    I thought about Dr. Matthews’s “things to ask Jason” list. Can people who are dead talk to other people who are dead? That’s another one.
    In gym, we played handball. It felt good to throw the ball as hard as I could. Coach Copeland came up after class. “Kenny—no, Karl—no, excuse me, Kyle! You ought to think about indoor-track tryouts.”
    What a tool. He couldn’t even get my name right.
    â€œI don’t know, Coach Copeland. I’m kinda busy lately.” I went into the locker room to shower and change.
    A group of guys, Jason’s new friends, hung out by my locker. Jase used to be like me, kind of a loner. But since high school had started, he had friends from all over the school.
    â€œHey, Shadow.” Alex Keller shoved Pinky and Troy out of the way. He came right at me.
    The locker room cleared out. I was left alone, trying to get dressed with six assholes staring at me.
    Then I thought about Chase. Who made sure nobody messed with him? Who watched out for Chase now that Jason was gone? How could I not have remembered aboutthose kids? The ones who bullied him?
    I told you. Don’t forget about Chase.
    I didn’t. I just—
    Alex pushed me against the locker. “Kenny—no, Karl—no, excuse me, Kyle, I’m talking to you.” Alex and his friends snickered.
    â€œYeah, what?” I pushed him off.
    Alex stood in front of my locker and pushed me back. “You’re a freak, dude. We saw you at the funeral. You’re a freak. And nice fuckin’ shoes.”
    That was it? That’s the best he could do? I’m a freak with bad taste in footwear?
    Alex blew a bubble and it popped, smack , in my face. He chomped his gum. “You weren’t even friends anymore. Why was he over at your place?”
    That stung. I felt blood rush to my face, and my lip quivered. I replayed the last two sentences.
    â€œYou weren’t even friends anymore. Why was he over at your place?”
    â€œYou weren’t even friends anymore. Why was he over at your place?”
    Just because I wasn’t a tool and didn’t want to ride along in Alex’s dumb-ass truck to make Taco Bell runs, that didn’t mean Jase and I weren’t friends. So they’d shared a couple of taco pizzas. Big fuckin’ deal.
    I came back to the scene. Alex and Pinky were laughingabout something. I looked down to see a glob of slobbery chewing gum slide down my leg.
    â€œAnd you just walk around like nothing happened.” Alex leaned in closer. “Well, I won’t forget what you did to my friend.” He shoved me. “Ever.”
    Yeah, neither will I, I thought. Then I realized that it was a lie, since I couldn’t remember to begin with.
    I went back to that moment: My pajama pants were wet. I kneeled down to squeeze out the dew. Then Jase was dead. The end.
    A crushing pain

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