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Authors: Haley Walsh
Tags: Suspense
until he reached the bathroom and crept inside, closing himself in the room and locking the door.
    He stood in the dark, breathing in quickened rasps against the bathroom door, afraid to move.
    Think, Skyler. Cell phone! He thrust his hand in his pocket and fumbled getting it out. It slipped through his fingers and clattered loudly on the tile floor. “Shit!” he hissed and groped around.
    “Dammit!” Now on all fours he scrambled around, fingers searching. Where the hell was it? He was tempted to turn on a light but he didn’t want the intruder knowing where he was. Of course with all the noise and the swearing he’d have to be deaf and stupid not to know .
    Stretching around the toilet with his cheek resting against the cold porcelain, Skyler’s fingers touched something plastic and square-shaped. Got it!
    He grabbed it, sat on the floor, and opened the phone. The little tune began to play, sounding much too loud in the little space. He pressed it tight to his chest to muffle it.
    Someone knocked on the bathroom door and Skyler made a very unmanly shriek.
    “Hey. You in there,” said a man’s voice. “How’d you get in here?”
    “I could say the same for you. I’m calling 911.”
    “Don’t do that. I’m a friend of Jeff and Evan’s.”
    Finger poised over the nine, Skyler paused. “Wh-who are you?”
    “I’m from the VA Center. I was an adviser.”
    Skyler got to his feet, and still holding the phone, he took hold of the doorknob. “What’s your name?” he called through the door.
    “James Fischer. Wouldn’t you rather come out and talk instead of standing there in the dark?”
    “You snuck in after me.”
    Foxe hunt 83
    “Sorry. This whole thing is pretty upsetting.”
    Skyler waited for his heart to slow a bit and he carefully unlocked the door and opened it a crack. A man in a plain T-shirt and black jeans was standing in the darkened hall. He looked like the kind of guy you’d see on an army recruiting poster, square jawed and rather handsome. Skyler clicked his phone off and came out into the hall. “You scared the shit out of me.”
    “Sorry. You kind of scared the shit out of me, too.” He reached for a pocket and Skyler jumped back. “Easy. I’m just getting my wallet.” He slipped his wallet from his pocket, opened it, and pulled out a business card. He handed it to Skyler. Skyler used the light from his cell phone to read it. “And who might you be?” said Fischer.
    “I’m a friend, too. My name is Skyler Foxe. I went to college with them.” Skyler rummaged for his wallet and took out his business card with the school address and phone.
    “No kidding.” Fischer blinked and looked down at the card.
    He stuffed it in one of the pockets in his pants. “Well, this is all a helluva thing.” He relaxed against the wall and ticked his head.
    “Happens more often than you think, though. Guys leave the service and come home with PTSD and no one knows it or they look the other way.”
    “Evan had more than post traumatic stress disorder. He lost a leg. And anyway it wasn’t suicide.”
    Those eyes stared at Skyler steadily. “What do you mean? I read about it in the paper. The police say it was a suicide.”
    “It’s not. Someone killed him.”
    “Wow,” said Fischer. He spun in a tight circle in the narrow hall. “No shit. Fuck.”
    “Yeah. So what are you doing here?”
    “I came to talk to Jeff, to give my condolences, but then I saw you coming in here and I didn’t know what you were up to.”
    “Oh. I’m picking up meds for Jeff. He’s—” He didn’t want to say arrested. That was none of this guy’s business, so he said, 84 Haley Walsh
    “Out of town.”
    “I can understand that.” He stood for a moment, staring at the carpet, before he turned abruptly and headed for the living room.
    “So, um, I’ll tell Jeff you stopped by,” said Skyler, trailing after him.
    “Oh that’s all right,” he said over his shoulder. “I’ll shoot him an

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