Foxe Hunt

Foxe Hunt by Haley Walsh

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Authors: Haley Walsh
Tags: Suspense
    “Yeah, all right. Sidney, can I bail him out tonight?”
    “Not until tomorrow. Bring back the meds and I’ll call you later tonight. Very late.”
    Before he could ask anything else, the call clicked off.
    “Jeez.” He stuffed the phone in his pocket and looked up just in time as a skinny young cop stepped through the heavy metal door. “Skyler Foxe?” he called to the room. People looked up but no one moved.
    Skyler ticked a glance at the skinhead and waved at the policeman. “Hi, um, yes, I’m Skyler Foxe.” The policeman looked at Skyler and took him over to the counter. He took out a paper and put it down on the counter along with a pen from his breast pocket. “Could you sign here?”
    As soon as Skyler did, the cop handed over a small manila envelope. Skyler felt the shape of a metal key inside. “Thanks.”
    The officer said nothing but as Skyler was walking out, the skinhead smiled at him and mouthed “Skyler.”
    § § §
    “I’m never going there again,” he told himself in the car, but then realized he’d be returning there just as soon as he completed his mission to secure Jeff ’s meds.
    “Jesus Christ. How can she work in such a depressing place?”
    At least Sidney wasn’t the officer sitting at the counter. No wonder she worked hard to get a detective badge. She was the youngest on the force to get one, too. Not only because she was smart, but she well knew it was due to the fact that they had no female detectives and there was pressure to promote. Sidney was pragmatic and took it all in stride. She knew she would prove herself and Skyler knew it, too.
    He pulled the car over next to the curb in front of Jeff ’s house and looked out the passenger window. The house was dark except for a weak porch light that only illuminated the front stoop. The long concrete walkway that cut the lawn in two was Foxe hunt 81
    a dark gray under a night sky and the shadows cast by the giant umbrella shapes of date palm trees.
    Skyler got out of the car and headed up the walk, key in hand.
    He cringed going up the steps, thinking about the last time he had been here, when Evan was wheeled away in a body bag. Jeff, with all those scratches up and down his arms. Sidney said the killer had forced the gun in Evan’s mouth and he had fought.
    No! No, he refused to believe his friend was a killer. Absolutely not. And why would he? Jeff loved Evan.
    He stood on the porch and stared at the front door. But Jeff was working two jobs and having to deal with Evan’s depression and who knew what else. Maybe he was just tired of it. He had been a grunt. He certainly knew how to use a gun.
    His chest panged with painful heat. “Oh God. It can’t be possible, could it?” He shook his head. Stop thinking, Skyler. Just get the meds . He fit the key in the lock and opened the door.
    Half expecting to see that splatter on the wall, his tense muscles relaxed when he saw a perfectly normal living room in the dark. He timidly switched on a lamp and breathed deep. No splatter on the wall. No empty wheelchair. No bridge table with gun cleaning supplies. Just a normal living room that smelled of normal air freshener. Those crime scene clean up guys were miracle workers.
    He headed down the dark, narrow hall and stuck his head in each room. Bedroom. Pretty plain. Pictures on the walls, a king size bed, a desk. Not much else. Another bedroom. Big American flag on the wall, another desk, some chairs. Bathroom. Finally .
    Skyler turned on the light and headed for the medicine cabinet. Lots of pill bottles. Percocet, antibiotics. He read labels and finally found the Ziac. He pocketed it, closed the cabinet, and switched off the lights. He headed down the darkened hall and almost made it to the living room when he heard a rustling.
    He stopped, ears pricked. Another rustle. Definitely coming from the living room. He hadn’t locked the front door behind him and someone was in the house!
    82 Haley Walsh
    He tiptoed backward

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