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Book: Forget The Zombies (Book 2): Forget Texas by R.J. Spears Read Free Book Online
Authors: R.J. Spears
Tags: Action, Zombies, post apocalypse
a more frumpy version that gone slightly to seed. Her hair looked disheveled, sticking this way and that.
Joni pulled back and asked, “Who’s that?”
Dave stammered for a moment and said, “That’s Trudy.”
“And?” Joni asked, putting her hands on her hips.
“She and her friends got me out of San Antonio,” he said.
“And you left us behind,” she said.
Once again, he was at a loss. “I thought you guys had gotten out. That or…”
“Or what?”
“Or…well, you know.”
I stepped up and said, “This reunion is touching, but we have to get moving.”
“Who the hell are you?” Dave asked.
“I’m Grant,” I said.
“And what are you doing with my wife and kids?”
“I’m the person who got your wife and kids out of San Antonio when it was being swarmed by zombies. These people are with us,” I said, pointing a thumb over my shoulder and Dave finally took in the line of people in our crew and looked surprised.
Jay stepped forward and stuck out a hand, “Hi, I’m Jay.”
Dave didn’t return the gesture.
Jay dropped his hand and said, “Whatever.”
“Where are you guys going?” Dave asked.
“North to Oklahoma,” I said.
“The soldiers said they’d let us go north soon,” he said.
“They’re lying,” I said, looking behind us into the dark and not liking the wasted time. Some of the cars had their interior lights on but most did not. A few silhouettes milled around on the road.
“That’s pretty harsh,” he said.
“You should believe Grant, mister,” Huck said.
“Why should I?” Dave asked.
“Because he has good instincts,” Huck said. “He got us out of the refugee camp before the zombies overran the place.”
“Joni, I think we need to stay put and wait for the soldiers to give us the all clear,” Dave said.
“I don’t think that’s a good idea,” Joni said.
“Dave, why don’t you come back inside?” Trudy said with some irritation in her tone.
“Can I say something?” Randell asked, stepping into the dim light. He didn’t wait for permission and just plowed ahead. “Dave, you need to listen to Grant and come with us. My name is Randell P. Clooney and I’m a son of the great state of Texas. In the past month, I’ve seen some horrific things. People eaten alive. Cities on fire. Good friends dying.” His voice caught on the last sentence, but he kept going. “But I’ve seen some heroic things. People facing nearly certain death making the only decisions left before them and I’ve watched them survive. I watched people reach down deep and find a strength in them they didn’t know existed.” His chest puffed out a little. “I’ve learned to trust this man,” he pointed at me. “While I don’t like what he’s saying, I fear my great state is lost. Staying here would get us all killed. I also know that the citizens of this state cannot be beaten and Texas will rise again.” He drew out each of the last four words and punctuated them with fist pump. I think he waited for some applause, but none came. A few people did nod their heads, though. If we survived, he was surely destined for politics.
“Hell yeah,” Huck said pumping a fist in the air. Jane high-fived him and made a war whoop. So much for being stealthy.
“What the hell, Joni?” Dave said. “Who are these lunatics?”
“These lunatics are my friends and me and the kids are going with them.”
Dave took a step towards Joni, but stopped when he saw the fire in her eyes. “These are my kids, too. I think I know what’s best for them.”
“No, you don’t,” Joni said. “You’ve been riding around Texas in an RV when we’ve been fighting for our lives.”
“Well, I’ve had some bad days, too,” he said, reaching for something. “We don’t have hot water in that thing and the AC ain’t that great.” He pointed back at the RV.
Joni just shook her head.
I wasn’t sure where this was going, but Trudy turned the tide for Dave as she tossed a shirt out the door of the RV. It smacked into

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