Forever Mine (Providence Series Book 1)

Forever Mine (Providence Series Book 1) by Mary B Moore

Book: Forever Mine (Providence Series Book 1) by Mary B Moore Read Free Book Online
Authors: Mary B Moore
on this job.

    “George, what if I can’t do this? What if I let you down?”

    Walking over to me he held my shoulders, “You can do this; that's why I gave you the job. Don't put too much pressure on yourself and give yourself time to learn the company and the ongoing cases; it will all be fine.”  

    I swear this man was wasted as an architect, even though he designed beautiful buildings. He’d always been able to pep me up, and if he’d been a counselor or therapist, I have no doubt he would have been a billionaire.    

    “Morning son. Look who’s back,” he crowed turning me around and my eyes hit the object of both my dreams and nightmares who was walking toward me with a look in his eyes that threw me off balance.  

    “Isla,” he rumbled, then I was in his arms and surrounded by the smell of him with his face was buried in my neck. “I’m glad you’re back,” he whispered in my ear, and I had to remind myself not to groan as the scent of him, being in his arms, having his breath on my neck and him just being Luke hit me.  

    “Great to see you,” I replied quietly.   I needed to be careful; I couldn’t give him any ammunition to rip my life apart again.   I had to be immune and vigilant but friendly, so I slowly pulled away and gave him a quick smile that I’m sure didn’t reach my eyes and that he knew was as fake as his last girlfriend's chest. I couldn’t forget who the real Luke was, I’d made that mistake before and would never do it again. From now on, I had to be fake too- fake fake fake, and if life was kind to me, maybe I’d escape with my dignity intact.

    “Morning. Luke, I need your advice on something,” a soft voice with an accent I couldn’t place, and belonging to a seriously beautiful woman, sounded from behind George.   She gave everyone a beautiful smile including me and then moved to hug George and Luke. “Hi, you must be Isla; I’m Maya Price,” she said walking up to me and hugging me.   It was then that something that had been niggling at me hit me full force- she was real, there was no fakery on her.


    Isla looked even better up close than she did from a distance if that was even possible. I hadn’t planned to hold her, but I couldn’t stop myself and God she’d smelt out of this world.   When I pulled back and saw the quick smile she’d flashed was tight and false, I knew that I was going to have to work hard for her forgiveness. I’d been about to ask her to lunch or dinner when Maya came in with a stack of papers looking for me.  

    “Sure, my office?” I tried not to sound disappointed at the missed opportunity to ask Isla out. The odds had been in my favor with dad standing next to us, so she would have almost had to say yes if I’d asked in front of him.

    “One-second kids,” my dad said thankfully stopping the slow steps that I was taking toward the door. “Let me just properly introduce you Isla.   This is my niece Maya Price - she works here as an interior designer.   Maya this is Isla Banks - her father is a Senior Architect and is heading our location in Italy at the moment. Isla grew up with Luke, Adam, and Mark; they were inseparable as kids.”

    Isla had looked stunned until my father said the last piece and I don’t think anyone in the room missed the grimace that both Isla and I gave. Yeah, we had been inseparable, and then I’d done something wrong, unforgivably bad, but I was going to change it. I just needed to figure out how. How do you fix the heart and trust of someone you betrayed?

    I could feel Maya’s stare drilling into the side of my face as we left Isla’s office after the introductions had been made and as soon as the door shut she pounced. “Okay asshole, what the hell did you do to that poor girl?” She asked glaring at me with her arms crossed. Shit!  

    May a


    After an exhausting morning that had included

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