Ford: The Dudnik Circle Book 1

Ford: The Dudnik Circle Book 1 by Esther E. Schmidt

Book: Ford: The Dudnik Circle Book 1 by Esther E. Schmidt Read Free Book Online
Authors: Esther E. Schmidt
Her gaze darts to the ceiling. I had several hooks and pulleys installed to hang various objects…or in some cases, people. I can see her thinking and plotting; holy shit I need to adjust myself. How in the hell can I be turned on by a woman who’s torturing a naked man in front of me? Fuck, I’m so twisted.
    Grabbing the chair again, she chooses a pulley with a brake system to guide the rope from one ankle through. With a little effort, she hoists Albert upside-down. Grabbing the other rope, she does the same. The guy is still cursing loudly and blood streams down on the floor from the hand that’s now missing a finger.
    Walking over to the table, she selects thicker rope and loops it around a few times between her hands. Her eyes follow the movement as if they can jump in there skipping at any time or some shit.
    Pulling from both sides halts the rope till it’s trembling in a snap. She squats down to Roast’s face and loops it around his neck. Sliding the rope softly from left to right, I even start to feel the fucking burn in my neck.
    She suddenly stops as the music switches back to “Hooked On A Feeling”. Leaning in she whispers, loud for us to hear, “See what you did… you’ve exceeded my two-song limit. Now,” She glances over her shoulder. “That might be due to the awesome company… but for real. I need to cut this short.” She giggles. “Totally pun intended.”
    Walking over to the table, she pulls up the length rope equivalent to what I cut from the ball and stalks back to his side. Reaching forward, she loops the thin rope around his pecker.
    Suddenly Albert starts to squirm and whine like a baby. “All right, all right. What do you want to know? Just get this fucking chick away from me. I’ll talk. Stop, okay?”
    Justice ties a tight knot and lowers to her knees so she is staring him in the eyes. She slaps him a few times on the cheek.
    “There, there, asshole. What did I tell you? I’m not here to get you to talk. I want that last puff of air. Now… Hang in there.”
    Winking in his direction, she grasps the thin rope in her hand. I finally understand why she’s wearing the wetsuit. The thick straps underneath her feet are padded so she doesn’t slip once things start to get messy. The one piece also makes for an easy cleanup. The leather fingerless gloves protect her from rope burn. I bet she has everything custom made as well.
    Bracing herself, she looks up at me. “Hey Ford, you might wanna pay attention. I don’t share. So if I ever catch your dick anywhere near another pussy…”
    I hold up both of my hands. “Say no more, Lapochka . Point taken. Aw, fuck. I can’t watch.”
    Turning my back, I cup my crown jewels, because fuck, that’s just too painful to even imagine. Right now I’m very thankful we’re in the basement where there aren’t any windows. There wouldn’t be any glass left after listening to this fucker’s screams. Slowly peeking over my shoulder, I see a torn, shriveled piece of flesh on the ground. The floor under Roast turns into a sea of red. 
    “The… the marina, biggest yacht... basement… hospital… please,” He groans out in distress and pain. “Old building, corner of Pine and Main. For the love of God, get me down and to the hospital. Please.”
    He pumps all those words out in short, shallow breaths and then sucks in a new one to hold it for the pain he’s in. I almost feel for the guy. Sympathy pains, for real, my dick feels that shit. Like I said, almost.
    “Would you help me, Lapochka?” Her voice is silky smooth. Damn, I love the fact that we’re using endearments right now.
    It makes me want to voice my feelings. “Yes, Lubov Moya .” My love. Since fuck yeah, she is.
    Her eyes widen for just a tiny second before a smile paints those pretty plump lips. She holds up one side of the rope that’s been looped around his neck while she has a tight grip on the other end.
    The moment my hands wraps around the rope, she yanks back.

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