Football is Murder (Bee's Bakehouse Cozy Mysteries Book 4) (Bee's Bakehouse Mysteries)

Football is Murder (Bee's Bakehouse Cozy Mysteries Book 4) (Bee's Bakehouse Mysteries) by Kathy Cranston

Book: Football is Murder (Bee's Bakehouse Cozy Mysteries Book 4) (Bee's Bakehouse Mysteries) by Kathy Cranston Read Free Book Online
Authors: Kathy Cranston
sighed. She didn’t want to count her chickens, but Melanie’s plan sounded as close to idyllic as anything she had heard in a long time. And it was true—living alone for a short time had made it clear to her that she liked company after all.
    “I’ll find Candi’s number if you like.”
    Melanie shook her head slowly. “No. Let me mull this over some more. I’m used to using all of these scientific methods to make decisions. You know what? This time, I’m going to listen to what my heart wants.”

Chapter 12
    “Want to watch a movie?” Melanie asked as they settled on the couch after dinner.
    Jessie nodded. After the busy week she had had, she was too exhausted to suggest they do anything more active than laze around until bedtime.
    “Okay,” Melanie said, grazing her lip with her teeth. “We’ve got a biopic of that off-the-rails movie star who’s all over the news. An action movie from the eighties. That’s all I can find that looks halfway good. Your house, your choice.”
    Jessie shrugged. “Either is good with me.”
    “You’re just trying to set a precedent so if you do buy the house across the street, you’ll get to choose what we watch all the time.”
    Melanie arched an eyebrow. “Honey, if I buy that house, there’ll be plenty of space for us each to watch whatever we want. Now, choose a movie. I’ve decided I’m taking a break from being decisive or type A or whatever you want to call it.”
    “Yeah right, Mel. That’s not the type of thing you can just switch off.”
    “You watch me,” Melanie said with steel in her eyes.
    Jessie could well believe it. Only Melanie could be so determined about becoming a relaxed undriven person. She didn’t see the sense in arguing.
    “Okay. Why don’t we watch—” Jessie stopped talking. Her attention was drawn away by what she saw on the TV screen.
    They had muted the sound, but that didn’t matter. She would have recognized that face anywhere.
    “That’s Johnny Cooper’s wife,” she gasped, pointing at the screen.
    Jessie leaned forward, grabbing the remote and pressing the unmute button. Hearing the voiceover, she realized it was an advert for a TV appearance that was coming up soon.
    “She looks very happy for somebody who’s just been widowed.”
    In another situation, Melanie’s blunt assessment might have seemed scathing. But it was so glaringly true that Jessie couldn’t help but agree.
    “I don’t like judging other women,” she murmured. “But what on earth is she thinking? Going on TV to promote her new book and lifestyle series when her husband has just passed away?”
    “Me neither,” Melanie said. “But you’re right. Haven’t they caught murderers this way? You know, the husband or wife appears on TV looking tearful. Then it comes out that they were the ones responsible.”
    That’s the thing , Jessie thought. At least they pretended. Pamela was making no attempt to feign grief. She wore a gaily-colored dress that emphasized a gym-honed body and a tan that was even deeper than Jessie remembered.
    Melanie shrugged. “I guess they’ve caught the killer so there’s no need for her to keep up appearances. Strange, though.”
    Jessie shook her head. She had thought the same of the woman the time she’d met her with Chief Daly. And that was before they had caught the murderer. What was her alibi again? She bit her lip. There wasn’t one. The police had moved their focus away from the widow because they couldn’t find a financial motive.
    “You want to watch?”
    “Yeah,” Jessie whispered. The unsettled feeling was back in the pit of her stomach.
    * * *
    Jessie felt more and more uncomfortable as the interview went on. As the teaser had promised, it was a promotional appearance to discuss the launch of her new lifestyle book.
    “Do you think this was all lined up before he was murdered?” Jessie asked.
    She couldn’t look away, even though she couldn’t believe what was going on on the

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