Folly by Jassy Mackenzie

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Authors: Jassy Mackenzie
suede still damp from the earlier washing, I gently stroked over the worst of the redness. The glove meant I couldn’t feel the smoothness of his skin any more, although I could still make out his muscles, tight and firm.
    â€˜I’m in agony, Mistress. I think I have had enough punishment for one day. Please, no more.’
    The anguish in his voice was so convincing that I almost relented …until I remembered he’d said he had a high pain threshold and he hadn’t used the safe word. He’d challenged me to take him to his extremes, and now he was testing my authority.
    â€˜You really are a wimp,’ I spat. ‘Do you honestly think you can get out of what you deserve so early on? That’s very cowardly, and I don’t allow cowardice in my dungeon. You’re going to have to take all the punishment I give you.’
    â€˜Yes, Mistress.’
    â€˜Stand up straight. And tell me, did you ask for permission to become hard?’
    â€˜No, I’m sorry. I didn’t.’
    â€˜Next time, don’t dare do it without asking first. And now I am going to dress you as a maid. That should help you to curb these shameful desires.’
    â€˜I need all the help I can get, it seems,’ he agreed.
    â€˜I’m going to untie you now and then I want you to put on that pink frilly apron. Then you will stand in front of me, holding the edges in your hands, and curtsy twenty times. Each time you’re going to repeat, ‘Mistress, I apologise for my filthy erection.’
    â€˜Yes, Mistress.’
    He’d wanted creative torture. What more could I do that might surprise and delight him? I glanced at my desk and my gaze fell on my make-up bag. In there I knew, because I’d used them only yesterday, was a pair of eyebrow tweezers.
    â€˜If you don’t curtsy respectfully enough, or low enough, we will start from one again. Every time we go back to one, you will be punished. I will order you to raise your apron and I will pluck out three of your pubic hairs using these tweezers.’
    His gaze met mine for a moment and I was struck by its intensity, full of challenge and mischief. ‘And keep your eyes on the floor!’ I shouted. ‘What are you doing looking at your Mistress without permission?’
    â€˜I’m sorry, I really am, Mistress. It’s just that, as I said, I find you …’
    â€˜Silence,’ I thundered. ‘Start your training. Do those curtsies. Nice and low, just like a girl would do.’
    I managed to find fault with his performance three times, forcing him to start again and each time ordering him to raise the apron. I yanked a total of nine springy, brown hairs from his groin, carefully avoiding any contact with his erect cock in the process, hearing him catch his breath as I extracted each one.
    Finally, we reached number twenty successfully.
    â€˜Get back into position between the chains again and bend over,’I told him. ‘You’re wasting my time here today, and you’re testing my patience, too. I don’t know why you can’t just do what I ask you to do right the first time. You are pathetic.’
    â€˜I apologise, Mistress. Truly, I am as pathetic as the plot of a lowbudget porn movie.’
    Amused, I retorted, ‘And as lacking as its dialogue.’
    â€˜Oh, dear, Mistress. I’m not doing very well, am I?’
    â€˜Not at all. In fact, I’m afraid to say you’ve just earned yourself another beating. Slave, meet my pussycat.’
    I picked up the cat-o’-nine-tails and rattled the fine chains, trailing them down his back and hearing him gasp at the kiss of the cold metal links. This instrument, I knew, I would have to use more lightly. It was going to create a sting rather than a thwack.
    But after only four strokes I had to stop when the chains broke his skin.
    My heart nearly stopped, too.
    One minute I was sending the silvery chains jangling across the mottled

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