Follow Me (Caged Hearts Book 3)

Follow Me (Caged Hearts Book 3) by Heather West

Book: Follow Me (Caged Hearts Book 3) by Heather West Read Free Book Online
Authors: Heather West
had my back all along; you never stopped believing in me.” 
    They shared a passionate kiss which Kait reluctantly untangled herself from.
    “There’s more,” she whispered.
    “More?” Jasper’s eyes widened with panic.
    “Don’t worry, this part is good,” she smiled. “So, I got the promotion at work I’d been hankering for.”
    “Babe, that’s wonderful,” Jasper leaned down and tenderly kissed her lips. Kait wanted to linger in the kiss forever, but she needed to finish telling Jasper the whole truth about what had happened.
    “I got a bonus,” Kait explained, pulling back from him. “A very generous bonus which could have been a down payment on a new house or a shiny new car.”
    “I’m so proud of you,” Jasper leaned to kiss her again, but she moved back out of reach.
    “And I bet the lot of it.”
    “You what?” She felt Jasper’s hands tighten.
    “I bet the lot of it on you,” Kait explained. “I bet my bonus on you winning tonight, and the odds were fifty to one.”
    Jasper let go of her and ran a hand over his head as he let the information sink in.
    “You bet your bonus on me?” He asked in disbelief, his eyes misting.
    “Yes,” Kait nodded eagerly. “Because I knew without Carl drugging you, there was no way you’d lose. You’re Jasper Duboix; you’re a champion.”
    “I can’t believe you did that for me,” Jasper declared, humbled. “That’s…that’s the nicest thing anyone has ever done for me.”
    “Well, I kind of think you’re worth it,” Kait purred the words flirtatiously, looping her arms around his neck. 
    “Oh?” Jasper grinned at her.
    “So how about you give me my money’s worth?” She teased.
    “Absolutely,” Jasper purred as they embraced and kissed passionately.

Chapter 47
    The white sand felt warm and soft beneath Kait’s bare feet. Above her, an endless ocean of clear blue sky stretched towards the horizon. The short white sun dress she was wearing showed off her lean legs and impressive tan. Her blonde hair fell down her back, still damp from her swim in the sea.
    Taking a deep, contented sigh, Kait looked out towards the turquoise colored sea as it lazily lapped against the pure sand of the beach. She felt like she had somehow stepped into heaven. Everything about the island was wonderful from the pristine beaches to the towering palm trees. It was paradise, and she got to experience it all at the side of the man she had fallen in love with.
    “There you are,” Jasper jogged up to her wearing only a light pair of board shorts. His toned muscles shone in the sunlight, and Kait chewed her lip to try and suppress some of her longing. They’d already made love upon the beach but both times under the cover of darkness. Either she had to drag him back to their cabin for another afternoon beneath the sheets or she’d need to distract herself from such thoughts. Pushing a strand of hair out of her eyes, she decided to focus on the beauty of the shoreline.
    “I wondered where you were,” Jasper explained, standing beside her and also looking out to sea. “I went over to the cabin after I’d finished at the gym.”
    “How’s the training coming along?” Kait asked.
    “Great,” Jasper wrapped an arm around her delicate shoulders. “When I’m back home, I’ll get a new agent and reclaim all of my old titles.”
    “Did you hear from Carl?” Kait asked, feeling a shudder dance up her spine despite the heat of the day.
    “Nope,” Jasper tensed as he replied. “Although,” his voice lightened, “I should probably call him to thank him for funding our holiday. And the new cars we treated ourselves to.”
    “Yes, it really was so very kind of him,” Kait deadpanned, but then her lips widened into a smile and she laughed.
    “I can’t believe what an asshole he turned out to be,” Jasper shook his head as he

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