Fantasy Massage (Fantasy Inc.)

Fantasy Massage (Fantasy Inc.) by Lee Moore

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Authors: Lee Moore
Fantasy Inc. – The Concept
    Fantasy Incorporated is a business that operates out of an old twenty story hotel building.  From the outside, you would never know the type of business it is.  Many folks know of it by reputation and once the good folks from the city tried to get it shut down only to get rebuked at every turn.  It seems that most people have fantasies, and between consenting adults, almost every fantasy can be fulfilled here.
    A onetime membership purchase of $10,000 and a monthly fee of $500 is only the first step.  Fantasy Inc. has their own doctors who will thoroughly examine every member monthly and conduct drug and STD testing to ensure the health and safety of every member.  After all, most fantasies are sexual in nature, although many of them are also focused on power and dominance.  Members are entitled to as many Step 1 fantasies as they can handle in a months’ time, two Step 2 fantasies per month and one Step 3 Fantasy per month.
    Step 1 Fantasy – You are an extra.  Often times you’ll be like a movie extra.  Your night might consist of sitting in a restaurant and having dinner with another member so we can fill the seats. 
    Step 2 Fantasy – Often times a step 2 fantasy involves folks who want voyeurs to watch them having sex without the worry of being arrested for lewd or indecent acts.  Participants of a step 2 fantasy are allowed to disrobe, and pleasure themselves but are not allowed to become active participants
    Step 3 Fantasy – This is your fantasy.  You and your participating member choose what the fantasy is, and how it’s played out.  Anything goes unless it is illegal such as pedophilia, necrophilia, etc.  You can literally set up threesome’s, foursome’s, group sex, gang bangs, rape fantasy or a more traditional fantasy.  Meet a guy/girl at the bar and take them to a room for fantastic, guilt free sex.
    Note:  No matter what fantasy you are participating in, other members may be cashing in their fantasy at the same time.  Our servers and schedulers coordinate this to ensure everyone gets a chance to participate as much as they would like.  We encourage every member to sign up for multiple fantasies.  This gives you more chances to find a matching participant.  We also encourage every member to sign up for at least one or more types of traditional fantasies so they can make sure they can cash in their Step 3 Fantasy every month.  It isn’t usually a problem, but availability is all membership driven. 
    How is this legal you ask?  We operate a worldwide database.  For members to be entered into the database they must pay their fees, get their health certificates certified and we help match them up with a complimentary member who’s looking for the same fantasy.  We provide the location, be it a bedroom, wash room, a mock bar full of patrons (no kidding) or anything else you can imagine.  We also provide videographers, lighting and sound folks who can help you make this a moment to remember.
    If you’re looking for something more private, we can record through two way glass, or by remote cameras.  No matter what though, it is recorded.  That is how we ensure 2 things; we are not accused of prostitution.  We provide a service and a database that is literally used worldwide, and secondly, if we are giving the folks involved copies of the fantasy; they can save it to relish and remember for later. 
    The video is immediately burned to DVD and provided to the customers.  The recording is non-negotiable with our members though, it protects all parties involved.  It gives both the membership and Fantasy Inc. “artistic license”.  For those who are married, they must have spousal consent on every fantasy they sign up for.  There are no members of a fantasy who are “paid help”, everyone here who participates in the fantasy are members.  Even if they are there to help set the mood for an evening dinner, or making

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