Fallen Empire 2: Honor's Flight

Fallen Empire 2: Honor's Flight by Lindsay Buroker

Book: Fallen Empire 2: Honor's Flight by Lindsay Buroker Read Free Book Online
Authors: Lindsay Buroker
Tags: General Fiction
Leonidas’s equivalent—or more than his equivalent. Besides, if she fired at imperial soldiers on the imperial home world, she had no doubt that she would be arrested and never let off the planet again. Or maybe they would simply kill her outright.
    “Trying not to make it obvious,” Leonidas said.
    He tugged once, the gesture short and effective. The lock popped.
    He lifted the grate enough for them to squirm through. Alejandro did not hesitate. He slithered through and dropped, even though they could not see what awaited them in the darkness below. Alisa went after him, nearly kicking him as she fell. She realized he was bracing himself against the sides, his feet and hands planted. As she dropped past him, her heart leaping into her throat, she stuck her legs and arms out, trying to do the same thing. His caution was understandable. Who knew how far this dropped?
    But her hands wouldn’t reach. She plunged into darkness, unable to stop herself.

Chapter 6
    Alisa wasn’t sure how far she fell, but the square of light up above grew small before she splashed down. Cold water enveloped her and washed over her face. Only the memory that people were hunting for them kept her from sputtering and cursing. Judging by the smell—or lack of smell—she had landed in water and nothing more, but she rushed to find her feet and get her head out. It came up to her chest.
    Someone splashed down beside her, making less noise than she would have expected. She was sure she had struck on her back, slapping water all over the place. She reached out and found a shoulder that was too broad to belong to Alejandro.
    “Leonidas?” she whispered.
    “They didn’t see me,” he whispered back, his voice barely audible over the flowing water. Pipes somewhere to the side emptied into this area, and the current tugged at Alisa’s waist. “I closed the grate before I let go. It may take them a moment to figure out where we went.”
    Alejandro, who had made his descent in a more controlled manner, walking his hands and feet down the walls, slid into the water next to them.
    “This way,” Leonidas said, striding away from the drainage chute—and the only source of light.
    “You know where you’re going?” Alisa asked, surprised. He hadn’t even known where the elevators were when they had entered the first floor.
    “Away from them.” He found her back with his arm and pulled her along faster than she could have walked in the deep water. She might have objected, but she sensed he was doing the same thing with Alejandro on his other side. “I don’t want to shoot imperial soldiers.”
    “I don’t want to be shot by imperial soldiers,” Alisa said.
    “Then leaving is a good idea.”
    “I’ll agree with that,” Alejandro muttered.
    They followed the current deeper into the darkness, Leonidas striding forward fearlessly. Alisa wanted to pull out her flashlight to get a better feel for their surroundings. She could imagine inimical things down here. White alligators, fang fish, poisonous water snakes…
    “Can you see?” she asked Leonidas.
    “Not much. We’ve gotten too far from the light.”
    “So, you can’t see in complete darkness? You’re like a cat?”
    “I’m a human with eye implants,” he said, his tone taking on that faintly miffed quality it had whenever someone implied he wasn’t entirely human.
    “Too bad. I was going to offer to rub your ears later if you were like a cat.”
    That did not earn her a response, and she had no idea if he was shooting her a scathing look. Probably.
    The sound of rushing water increased up ahead, making Alisa wish he had said he could see. There were supposed to be centuries’ worth of old channels for storm water and sewage that snaked around under the city, and she remembered stories of people living down here, too, in abandoned transportation tunnels that were deeper than the existing lines, that came from a time before the capital had been built up, newer levels atop

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