Extra Sensory Deception

Extra Sensory Deception by Allison Kingsley

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Authors: Allison Kingsley
about it, except what I heard from the media. I wasn’t even there when it happened.” He motioned to them to sit down on comfortable-looking leather swivel chairs in front of a wide, polished desk.
    Taking a seat, Clara’s gaze went to the windows, which reached from floor to ceiling and overlooked the golf course. The office was high enough to see over the trees, and in the distance, golf carts zipped between holes, or stood at greens while their occupants putted white balls across the smooth surface. A glittering blue lake divided some of the holes, and patches of golden sand gleamed in the sun. It looked peaceful, relaxing and expensive.
    Stephanie sat down next to her, stiff-backed and looking poised for flight.
    Grabbing the opening Paul Eastcott had given her, Clara murmured, “It must have been a dreadful shock for you to learn your assistant had been murdered.”
    “It was.” Paul sat down behind the desk. “As I said, though, I wasn’t here when it happened. I was in Portland, trying to set up a run for the rodeo there.”
    “Oh, really? I hope you were successful.” Belatedly, Clara realized she should have brought a notebook with her to take notes. Thinking fast, she drew her phone from her pocket and held it up. “Recorder. Hope that’s okay?”
    Paul answered her with a brief nod.
    “So when did you hear about the murder, then?”
    At first she thought he wasn’t going to answer. His face seemed to lose all color, and he stared blankly down at his desk. Finally he spoke, his voice sounding strained. “I was on my way home that afternoon when I got a flat tire and had to stop to get it replaced. I knew I wouldn’t have time to eat before the show, so I stopped at the Pioneer Inn for dinner. It took longer than I expected. By the time I got back on the road the show was almost over. I made it back just as the finale began. It was only a few minutes after the show ended when someone came to tell me Lisa’s body had been found.”
    “That’s terrible. You must have been devastated.”
    She was watching his face closely, but saw nothing but weariness in his expression when he answered. “I lost a good assistant, but her family lost so much more.”
    Either he was a good actor, or he wasn’t as devoted to Lisa as she’d believed. Clara tried to sound unconcerned when she murmured, “I wonder who could have hated her enough to kill her.”
    Paul shifted his weight on the chair. “We don’t know if it was someone who hated her. It could have been a robbery gone bad, a random act of violence—anything.”
    “So it could. Still, it seems that she must have been planning on meeting someone. Why else would she go behind the concert stage?”
    “Could have been any reason. I—” He broke off, as if realizing he’d said too much. “Okay, that’s enough about the murder. I said no questions, remember? Now, what do you want to know about the rodeo?”
    Realizing she would get no more out of him without raising his suspicions, Clara gave up on the line of questioning. Fortunately, thanks to Wes’s descriptions, she was able to ask fairly intelligent questions about the performances and backstage production. When she figured she had enough to write a comprehensible overview of the entire process, she slipped her phone back in her pocket and stood up. “Thank you, Mr. Eastcott. I’m sure our readers will find this all very interesting.”
    “I hope so. We need this show to be successful if we want to make it an annual event.”
    “Then we’ll certainly do our best to make the review as exciting as possible.”
    Stephanie, who had been silent throughout most of the conversation, murmured a polite good-bye. Clara led her out the door, thankful to be leaving.
    Stephanie barely waited for the door to close behind them to whisper, “So? What do you think?”
    Clara placed a finger over her lips and waited until they had almost reached the elevator before answering her. “I think Paul Eastcott

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