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cell just out of reach. Finally, Josie realized what she was sensing: resolve, a gritting of the woman’s psychic teeth. Before she could nudge the woman behind her to greater consciousness, she mumbled:
    “What the hell happened?

    The Hollywood Hills
    Archer had a few rules he lived by. Spend your time wisely was right up there at the top of the list. Then there were the rest of the easy-to-follow rubrics that covered just about any situation that might crop up in his life. When you worked, work for people who paid well; when you played, play with people you like; when you loved, love without boundaries, expectations or tethers.
     Daniel Young wasn’t going to make Archer any bucks, and he sure as hell wasn’t someone Archer wanted to have a beer with at Burt’s, but the man was someone it would be wise to spend some time with. Archer needed help and Daniel Young had brought a most interesting little item. A Xerox of the original list found in Josie’s car. This time there was a check mark next to Daniel’s name. Archer took the list and dealt with Hannah at the same time.
    “Everything okay, Hannah?” When he got an affirmative he said, “I’ll call you back.”
    Archer snapped the phone shut, and his call to Cuwin Martin was put aside as he studied the list. Daniel followed him into the apartment. Archer raised his eyes, motioned toward the couch and the doctor sat down.
    Young was wearing the same outfit he had on at the office and wasted no time in filling Archer in on the rest of his day. Gay had left around six-thirty and he, himself, had stopped reviewing histories at eight. The piece of paper was found on the floor of his car, passenger side, and it was face down. He thought the car had been locked. The minute he saw what it was, he got in the car, locked the doors, fired up the engine and drove straight to Hermosa. He didn’t mind admitting he was afraid. Archer understood. He had seen the environment in Young’s office complex. Lots of trees, plants, and places to hide. Archer assured the doctor he had been smart to be cautious. Next on the list was Erika Gardener and, since they didn’t have a phone number, a road trip was the next best option. Daniel Young was going to tag along no matter what Archer said. Now Archer was driving and Daniel had spent the last forty-five minutes expounding on the Hernandez trial.
    “I admit that I was intrigued after your visit. I looked back over some of the press. I had forgotten that Erika was really the go-to reporter on this thing. Her research was impeccable, her reporting above reproach, but it was clear that she was appalled when Xavier was not convicted. She wrote a book exposing the judicial system for what it was: flawed, filled with ineptitude. Not like now.  Now reporters regurgitate whatever they get off the AP. No one thinks anymore. I hate that about the Times. No one makes the effort to track down those in the know. I’ve seen so many articles where a simple interview would put events in the proper perspective.”
    “Yeah. If only they had an expert.” Archer tossed him a look. It was brief and expressive. Daniel Young was no dummy, nor was he put off by Archer’s ridicule.
    “I’m curious, Archer. You disdain expert witnesses, yet you must have surely offered your expertise in a trial or two.” Daniel turned slightly, his sincere interest whacking Archer up the side of his head.
    “They have their place,” Archer answered. “But most of them think they are smarter than everyone else. Most of them are just arrogant and glib, and they sell out easy.”
    “Everyone sells out,” Daniel pointed out, his odd voice catching and releasing like a fisherman teasing a big fish before he reeled him in.
    “I don’t sell what I do to the highest bidder, and I don’t tell my clients what they want to hear.”
    “Ah, there it is.” Daniel said energetically. He liked being engaged in an intellectual exercise. Archer figured

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