Entwined by Cheryl S. Ntumy

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Authors: Cheryl S. Ntumy
like him as a
. He’s cool.”
    “And you don’t think he’s hot?”
    I laugh nervously. “Lebz!”
    She looks me dead in the eye. “Say there was no scar. He’s hot, right?”
    I take a deep breath and tear my gaze from hers. “I guess. But that doesn’t mean I
him.” Honestly, the boy is eye candy even with the scar, but so what? Why can’t a girl and a guy just be friends? Besides, I can’t even think about another guy while I’m still wrestling with my feelings for Thuli.
    Lebz frowns. “Look, just be careful. There’s something about him… like he’s got something to hide.”
    Oh, for goodness sake! This girl is worse than my father. “He
.” I lean back against the pillows. “Telekinesis, remember? Rakwena isn’t dangerous. I would have sensed it.”
    “Maybe.” She looks unconvinced. “But maybe he’s the usual kind of dangerous, the kind that breaks hearts. You might know more about the supernatural, but I know more about boys.”
    She has a point there. “He can’t break my heart if I don’t have feelings for him.”
    She gives me a knowing look. “Be careful. That’s all I’m saying.”
    “OK, OK.” I fling a stray sock at her. “Can we watch the movie now?”
    My mind is spinning. I don’t like Rakwena, not in the soppy, all-consuming way I like Thuli. He’s far too strange. He’s neater than me. He’s… well, he’s not Thuli. He doesn’t make me freeze up like an idiot when he walks past. He’s not aloof and above it all and too good for me. Thuli is an impossible dream. Thuli doesn’t see me. Rakwena does… and maybe that’s the problem.
    I’ve been awake for two hours when Lebz opens her eyes. I’m sitting up on Rita’s freshly-made bed, finishing my Business Studies homework. “Hello, Sleeping Beauty.”
    She turns over and yawns. “What’s the plan?”
    “Didn’t you want to go to the shops and waste some of your parents’ heard-earned money?” I ask sweetly.
    “Oh, ja.” She’s shameless. She sits up and rubs her eyes. “Just give me a minute to shower.”
    A minute for Lebz means an hour and a half. She has this baffling inability to multitask, so she’ll brush her teeth and then pause to think about what she’s going to wear.
    We have a jam-packed schedule. Lebz is a bargain-hunter, so she needs to check out every shop to make sure she can’t get a better deal. Her mother drops us off at BBS mall, and then we take a combi to the Main Mall.
    By the time we arrive at Riverwalk Mall a few hours later I remember why I hate shopping with Lebz. Today she has forced me to look at about fifty pair of jeans. I swear the only difference between them was a button or two. Then I had to wait while she tried on half of them. They all looked fine, but she didn’t buy a single one. Not one! From Riverwalk we’re heading to Game City. I’m tired and hungry and she’s just getting started!
    “Let’s check out the shoes,” says Lebz, as we cross the parking lot from the combi stop.
    “Food first!” I tug at her hand. “Unless you want me to collapse.”
    “But we can eat afterwards,” she says, pouting.
    She sighs. “Fine! What do you want? Chicken?”
    My stomach growls. “Chicken is perfect.”
    We’ve just settled down at our table when five girls come and take a table not too far from us. They’re half-dressed and their eyes are grey and glassy.
    “Oh, no,” Lebz mutters. Her disgust with Ma-fourteen has matured into full-blown fear since her sister’s revelations last night. “Can’t they go somewhere else?”
    “Don’t complain – this is my chance to get a look at those necklaces,” I whisper.
    “You’ll never get near them. Amantle is like a watchdog.”
    “I’m just going to watch and wait. At some point I should be able to get close to them. Maybe I’ll pretend to go to the toilet or something.”
    Lebz says no more. Our food comes and we eat and chat, avoiding the subject of the girls. We finish

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