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Authors: Ann Marie Walker
return to Chicago would mean he’d have to share her with the world again.
    As if reading his mind, Allie pressed in against him and wrapped her arms tightly around his waist. He could feel the warmth of her skin and smell the coconut from her sunblock. Hudson gripped the handlebars and hit the gas, propelling them toward the beach. He cut a path through the water, steering into a crystalline lagoon. A tropical vista appeared as if curtains had been pulled back to reveal a paradise of swaying palm trees and a sugar-white beach.
    Hudson downshifted and smoothly careened them toward the shore. With a slight tap of the gas he accelerated and beached the wave runner. After killing the engine, he reached down and took Allie’s hand in his and lifted it to his lips. At the same time, she pressed a tender kiss between his shoulder blades.
    â€œWell, here we are, another island,” Hudson said dryly.
    â€œGetting island fever already?” Allie swung her leg over the waverunner and planted her feet onto the ground.
    â€œNever, baby,” Hudson said as he dismounted the craft. The fine grains of white sand were soft as silk beneath his feet. He ran a hand back through his hair, sweeping a few pieces out of his face as he took in his surroundings. The smell of the ocean and the exotic flowers were intoxicating. In fact, the islands were quickly becoming his drug of choice, second to his wife.
    Mental note: Follow up with the realtor ASAP. He was where-do-I-sign sold.
    Hudson deliberately pressed his hips against Allie’s body and brushed his lips across her mouth. “Unless you’re tired of being trapped in paradise with me. Or seriously unimpressed with my bedroom skills.” He knew she was bound to get distracted, and with any luck her brain would be wiped clean of all the birthday crap. So far he’d escaped the day without any mention, let alone party hats and balloons.
    Allie looked over his shoulder at the cabana, then met his stare. Her mouth curved into a wry grin. “Maybe you could refresh my memory.”
    â€œWith pleasure.” He dropped another kiss to her mouth. “I’ll get the bags.”
    Allie started up the beach while Hudson pulled the waverunner farther up on the sand so that it wouldn’t drift out with the tide that slowly rolled around his feet.
    â€œOh,” she hollered from halfway up. “I almost forgot. Happy birthday.”
    â€œAh, shit,” Hudson groaned under his breath. Like hell she forgot; he was on borrowed time when it came to delaying the inevitable. Any hope that she’d ditched the birthday efforts was flushed down the toilet.
    â€œIt’s just another day on the calendar,” he shot back, then flipped opened the compartment underneath the wave runner’s seat. Inside was a small cooler that held a couple bottles of chilled white wine and some water, along with what appeared to be a picnic meal prepared by the resort’s staff. Other than that all he found was a mesh bag containing snorkeling gear.
    Hudson shut the compartment and made his way up to the thatched roof cabana where Allie was surveying the setup, no doubt running through a mental checklist of everything she’d specified: rustic cabana with daybed, pillows and cascading curtains; white, plush towels rolled up in a wicker basket. There was a silver wine bucket in close proximity and a picturesque view in three hundred and sixty degrees. It was perfection. He couldn’t have mastered the details any better himself. Except . . .
    â€œSeems you’ve thought of everything”—he lifted a brow—“but the swimsuits.” He set the cooler on a small bamboo table and dropped the snorkel gear on the ground.
    Allie tried her best to act nonchalant, but she lost the battle and her mouth turned up in a mischievous smile. “We won’t be needing any.”
    â€œIs that so?”
    â€œNot a stitch.” She swept her

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