Embrace Me

Embrace Me by Ann Marie Walker

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Authors: Ann Marie Walker
shares of Ingram. How they were acquired is irrelevant now. And I rather like being Mr. and Mrs. CEO. I want us to remain partners.” She pegged him with a teasing grin. “Assuming, of course, you can handle it when I dominate the boardroom.”
    â€œBring it on. Just be prepared for a rough night in the bedroom.”
    Her breath caught. “If that was supposed to be a deterrent—”
    â€œIt wasn’t.” The truth was Hudson loved the way she challenged him in the boardroom, thrived on it even. Going toe-to-toe with Allie was the highlight of his workday, and watching her come into her own at Ingram had given him more satisfaction than even his own accomplishments. But watching her submit to him was just as satisfying. Outside of the bedroom she would tease him for having what she called “caveman tendencies.” But in his bed, over his desk, or even chained to his ceiling it was a different story. Because in those moments she lost all her inhibitions and allowed herself to explore a wanton freedom unlike any she’d ever known. In those moments they were more than just lovers; they were partners in the truest sense of the word, trusting each other completely as they explored their limits.
    â€œThen what’s all this about?” she asked.
    â€œOpen it,” he mouthed.
    Allie yanked on the ribbon and unfolded the documents. She scanned the black-and-white legal lingo and froze. “I can’t accept this.”
    â€œYou can and you will,” he said, leaving no room for debate. He was giving her the keys to the castle. Well, half of it anyway. Fifty percent of Chase Industries was now hers.
    â€œYou built Chase Industries from the ground up. I can’t let you sign half of it over to me.”
    â€œThe company wouldn’t exist if I hadn’t met you. The first time I saw you, my world shifted on its axis. Quite simply, you made me want to be a better man. For you. And besides, that’s your name on the building too, Mrs. Chase.” He leaned in a fraction. “You’re my wife, my lover, and my partner. Not just at Ingram or Chase. In everything.” With that he covered her mouth with his, stifling any attempted protests and essentially sealing the deal.
    â€œWow,” Allie said when he finally let her up for air. “The tiki keychain I bought for your birthday is going to really pale in comparison to this.”
    Hudson’s lips tightened into a thin line. “I thought we agreed we weren’t doing anything for my birthday. You know how I feel about them, Alessandra.”
agreed we weren’t doing anything for your birthday.” Allie poked a finger between his pecs. “That reminds me,” she said, slipping out of his grasp and climbing out of the daybed, “I better call the concierge to confirm everything is set for tomorrow.”
    He cocked his head to one side as he watched her tie a pink-and-white sarong around her hips. “What have you been up to?”
    â€œYou’ll just have to wait and see tomorrow,” she said over her shoulder just before she disappeared into the bungalow.
    A wide grin spread across Hudson’s face. “Match point, Mrs. Chase, match point.”

Chapter Nine
    Hudson cranked the throttle on the handlebars. The waverunner sped over the water and crashed through the waves as they neared the coast of the secluded island. He glanced over his shoulder at Allie for a split second, but that was enough time to get a look at his beautiful wife. Her long blond hair was tangled in the salty sea air. He wanted to touch it, run his fingers through it, and inhale the scent of it. And that wasn’t even the half of it. Her face was filled with excitement, her skin a glowing bronze and the freckles across her nose more prominent from the sun. Her hazel eyes seemed to be memorizing everything, and her perfect lips . . . damn, he wanted to kiss her. And each

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