Elixxir (The Brethren Series)

Elixxir (The Brethren Series) by Deena Remiel

Book: Elixxir (The Brethren Series) by Deena Remiel Read Free Book Online
Authors: Deena Remiel
hope for something as pure as that had been stolen from her a very long time ago. It had been replaced with a driving need to prove she was alive and could feel and have all the control. And that, she decided while kissing the brains out of an angel, was exactly what she would rely on right now.
    He released her lips to make a trail of kisses around her jaw line to right behind her ear. And shivering, she let him. She let him kiss the sweet spot where her neck and shoulder met. She let him caress her breasts with the gentlest of touches. And she let him stop.
    Breathing heavily, he dropped his hands and looked at her with apologetic eyes. “I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to…I…well, yes. Yes, I did mean to. But this is no time to be distracted by temptation. And it certainly isn’t the right time or place for how I’d like it to be for you, with you.”
    She chuckled, straightened her shirt, and sighed ruefully. “You really are an angel, ain’tcha? It’s a shame.” She tapped him on the cheek and smiled. “Well, I guess we all have some crazy shit about us.” She rose and padded over to the window to peer out at the bright lights. Figures he’d pull the gentleman card .
    “Wow. Not quite the reaction I thought I’d receive. I mean, you fainted, you got angry. I expected that. But now, you’re acting as though who I am is nothing unusual.”
    “I only fainted because you took me by surprise.” She paused, not ready to give up her tough-girl persona quite yet. “What more do you want from me? A couple of intense kisses, as much as I wanted and needed them, doesn’t change who I am. I’m still a fucked-up, hard-assed woman in a lot of danger, and you…you’re still Nate, the bounty hunter. Only with wings.”
    “Don’t you have any questions for me?” He approached her. She noticed he took a deep breath, and his wings receded. He put his shirt on and tucked it back in his pants.
    “I already know you can beat the shit out of anyone, and that you probably can’t get hurt. So, as a bodyguard, you pretty well rock.” She turned to face him. “Oh wait, I do have one question. How do you keep those things so white?”
    “You know, you’re really something.”
    “I told you. Now if you’ll excuse me, my little breakdown did nothing for my makeup.” She pushed past him, picked up her bag, and went to the bathroom.
    “Well, when you get out, I need to share something else with you.”
    “Sure, sure,” she called out from behind the door. She leaned against it and took in a deep breath, letting it out slowly. Oh, my God ! He’s a true-blue angel ! A nd so are my friends ! What on earth do I do with that ? I don’t have a freakin’ clue. One thing I do know, Serena and I are having a long chat when this mess is all over. I wonder, though. Maybe I should tell him about the Elixxir now .

    Chapter Nine
    Holy shit ! For having revealed himself to a human woman for the first time in his immortal life, it went pretty strangely. He’d never asked Michael or Raphael how it had gone for them when they’d shared who they were to Emma and Serena. He’d flown by the seat of his pants, and prayed he hadn’t made the worst mistake in his eternal life. Traversing the jungles of Vietnam seemed easier than dealing with this woman he’d just shackled himself to. He rubbed the back of his neck, trying to predict who’d be walking out of the bathroom in a few minutes—sweet-and-vulnerable Callie or snarky Callie.
    Either way, she tested him like no other. And he liked it. When he’d kissed her earlier, he’d gotten a glimpse into her psyche and found she’d played him through every part of their romantic exchange. Had he been human, he would have thought he’d been the dominant one throughout the entire situation. But his warrior senses allowed him unprecedented access to the minds of the people he connected with, and hers was undeniably secured by threads of control he would take pleasure in

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