Dreams (New Beginnings Book 3)

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Authors: Michelle Lynn
phone, then.”
    “I wanted to talk to you.”
    Taylor smiled against the phone.
    “Kick some ass tonight,” she said.
    “Will do. See you when I get back?”
    “Can’t wait.” She hung up and flopped back on her bed, confusion swirling around in her head. Her grief warred with her excitement over seeing Josh soon, the excitement eventually winning. At least for tonight.
    “It was a team effort tonight,” Mack said to the group of reporters surrounding them. Josh stayed quiet as usual while Mack gave all of the stock lines that would appear in the Columbus papers in the morning. They’d just beat the New York Islanders on the road and the media scrum inside the locker room felt both familiar and foreign at the same time.
    From the time they attended development camp, media etiquette was drilled into a professional athlete’s mind. In hockey, that meant toeing the line. It’s a sport that had been criticized for lacking true characters, but that was just the reporters complaining that very few guys gave them quotes that were anything other than the typical blandness. If you scored, you passed the credit to the guy who set you up. If you lost, it was “our play was unacceptable”. A goalie’s bad night turned into “we didn’t play well enough in front of him.” These lines felt rehearsed and emotionless, but that was what was expected of them.
    Mack had been in trouble with management a few times for popping off at a reporter. In his first couple years in the league, he’d had trouble reigning in his emotions. Experience changed that, and now it was rare for him to deviate from the norm.
    Josh watched his friend and barely recognized him as he tried to be the poster boy for the team. He was the superstar with an ego to match his status, but with recorders waving in his face, he was just another hockey player.
    Mack threw his arm around Josh and grinned at the paunchy man on his right. “Josher had quite the night in the face-off circle.”
    Josh rolled his eyes. He’d only taken face-offs because Mack couldn’t seem to win any. It was the only good part of his game tonight and everyone knew it. He’d felt off, kind of sick, but he couldn’t afford to miss any games right now and Coach would make him sit if he told him.
    “Every guy on the team pitched in, and we’re one game closer to the playoffs.” Mack continued. “Thanks everyone.” He steered his friend away as the last of the reporters left the room, leaving the team to their showers.
    “Tell me we’re celebrating tonight,” Zak said, stopping in front of them. Carter walked up with him and gave Josh a sympathetic smile. He could tell something was off.
    Coach Peterson actually encouraged them to go out after games - as long as the next day was an off-day. He said it promoted team togetherness. Most of the guys took advantage of that. Josh on the other hand, usually went back to the hotel and crashed, but not tonight. They were in New York, and that meant one thing.
    “I’m meeting up with some friends,” Josh said.
    “Michaela?” Mack asked, a half grin appearing on his face. He’d had a thing for Michaela since he met her last year.
    “And her fiancé.” Josh stared at his friend until the grin slipped.
    “Oh, Jason’s cool. I’ll come with you.” To Zak and Carter, he said, “I’ll catch up with you guys later.”
    “I’m so glad you’re inviting yourself.” The sarcasm in Josh’s voice didn’t seem to bother Mack.
    “Do you want Michaela all to yourself?” he asked, trying to get a reaction from his friend. “I know I do.”
    “Did you miss the part about Jason being there?” Josh shoved Mack towards the showers. “Just get ready. They’re waiting for us.”
    “Oh, it’s us now?” Mack asked, arching one eyebrow. “As long as Michaela knows we’re not exclusive. I wouldn’t want her thinking I was unavailable.”
    Josh finally smiled and Mack grinned in triumph before ducking into the

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