Dreaming of Antigone

Dreaming of Antigone by Robin Bridges

Book: Dreaming of Antigone by Robin Bridges Read Free Book Online
Authors: Robin Bridges
top of him.
    I panic. “Let go!” I whisper, struggling to get away from him.
    â€œAndria,” he whispers, as his hands settle on my hips. Part of me wants to quit fighting and lean in closer. The other part of me wants to run.
    I’m trapped, and I push up on my hands, trying desperately to stay above him.
    His grasp tightens as he squeezes my waist. Nerve endings all over my body explode like fireworks, and suddenly I feel out of control. It feels wild. Intoxicating.
    Oh God, what if I completely lose control? The fear of having a seizure right here and now is very real. My heart is pounding, both from teen monkey lust and sheer terror.
    He rolls, and suddenly I’m underneath him, his blue eyes staring at me with an intense, haunted gaze. He must see the fear in my eyes, because he begins to pull away. I put a hand up against his chest, then slowly, I move my fingertips to his mouth.
    Alex closes his eyes and rolls back off me and sits up. “I’m sorry,” he whispers. “I shouldn’t have . . .”
    I scramble away from him, suddenly chilled from his body’s absence. My heart is still pounding, so hard I’m afraid he can hear it.
    He’s still staring at me, sad and confused. “I didn’t mean . . .” He rubs his face with his hands. “Shit.”
    This is not my eloquent desk poet talking right now. This is not Alex Hammond, cool rock god of Athens High. This is a boy who needs a friend. “It’s okay,” I tell him, sitting back with my legs folded under me. “Blame it on the stars. Regulus is a bad influence.”
    He laughs, even though I know he’s not really sure what I’m talking about. I’m babbling. But the intense, haunted look on his face is gone, and before he can say anything else, Hank spots us and yells across the parking lot. “Pluto! Where have you been?”
    Alex frowns at me. “Busted.”
    This makes me smile. “Busted for being the only sober ones here?”
    â€œSomething like that.”
    Hank is pulling a drunk Trista by the hand. She has a black jacket over that sleeveless top she insisted on wearing tonight. “Dude,” Hank slurs. His eyes are red. “What are you doing in the back of your truck?”
    Hank blinks at Alex, and thankfully doesn’t even notice me. He looks up at the sky and squints. “Cool.”
    Trista, however, does see me in the truck bed with Alex. And she is about to say something when Natalie skips over, with Thomas following her. “What are we doing?” she says. “Is it time to go home? I’m freezing!”
    Thomas rolls his eyes. “I thought y’all had a gig tonight in town.”
    Hank shakes his head. “That’s tomorrow.”
    Natalie blinks, her eyes glassy. “Oh no! What are we going to tell our parents when we want to go see you? My mom thinks we’re at the Indigo right now watching you guys play. She won’t believe me if I tell her I want to see you play again tomorrow.”
    â€œWhy not?” Caleb says, joining us. “Calcifer’s groupies are very devoted.”
    Erin giggles as she stumbles up behind him and throws her arms around his waist. “Extremely devoted,” she slurs. “Obsessive, even.”
    Natalie is shivering still. Caleb disentangles himself from Erin in order to take off his jacket and give it to Nat. She blushes as she puts it on. “Thanks,” she whispers.
    â€œAnything for a fan,” he says, smiling to her.
    â€œHey,” Erin pouts.
    â€œWhat I want to know is,” Trista says, “why in the hell are Andria and Alex hooking up in the back of his truck?”
    All six pairs of drunken eyes turn toward us.
    â€œOh, for God’s sake,” Alex mumbles.
    Natalie reaches for my hand and tries to pull me out of the truck. I climb out on my own, and Alex jumps down from the back.
    â€œGet away

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