Dragon Knight's Ring (Order of the Dragon Knights Book 5)

Dragon Knight's Ring (Order of the Dragon Knights Book 5) by Mary Morgan

Book: Dragon Knight's Ring (Order of the Dragon Knights Book 5) by Mary Morgan Read Free Book Online
Authors: Mary Morgan
Tags: Romance, Fantasy, Time travel, Scotland, spicy
heart, and he let out a long held breath. Leaning back fully in his chair, he tried to do as she requested. Therefore, he took his gaze off her and the road in front of him and looked outward to the right. Trees decked in the brilliance of autumn filled his senses. Inhaling the fresh scent of pine and cool air, he welcomed the breeze coming in through the window. Soon, Adam calmed his racing heart and took in the wonders of the passing land. Cattle grazed on a nearby hill. A lone calf caught up in a playful dance meandered to another young one, and he smiled at the sight.
    Feeling more relaxed, Adam crossed his arms over his chest. “The Highlands are a bonny place, aye?”
    Meggie gave him a quick glance. “Magical, mystifying, but yes, always bonny.”
    Adam noticed a frown on her features. “Is there more ye wanted to add?”
    Her lips thinned, reminding him how she often did this when deep in thought. “I thought I was done with thinking of the past. Yet, ye came and with it all these questions have surfaced once again.”
    “I did not come to bring ye sorrow, Meggie. If it pains ye to have me here…” God’s blood, did she want to send him away?
    “Nae!” she barked out and then laughed. “’Tis frustrating, that’s all. For one solid year, I tried to regain my memories. They—my cousins, sent me to several doctors, a healer, and a hypnotherapist. None could help me.” She waved a hand in the air. “Afterwards, I stopped worrying about the past and concentrated on the future. If the Goddess didn’t want me to remember, she must have had a darn good reason, aye?”
    “I ken some of your meaning, but did ye not consider ye may have suffered an injury?”
    She brushed back the curls from her face. “Nae. I had none when Scott found me. Not a scratch on me anywhere, though…” she paused, glancing quickly his way.
    “Aye?” Adam asked slowly.
    “’Tis naught. Ye might think ’tis foolish nonsense,” she stated dismissively and returned her focus to driving.
    Turning slightly in the seat, Adam reached out and touched the hand she had resting on the wheel. “Naught ye say is foolish, Meggie. Finish what ye were going to tell me.”
    “Ahem,” she cleared her throat. “Well, ye see Scott found me asleep in the standing stones, and I was wearing a medieval garment.”
    Adam remained silent. Her words only confirmed what he feared. The Fae interfered. Somehow, they had healed his bonny Meggie and swept her across time. But why? What purpose would it serve to bring the lass here? Shifting back in his seat, he fought the rage over life’s strange twist of fate.
    “I take it by your silence that ye don’t believe me, or I’m a silly lass that was playing a part and fell and hit my head on one of the stones,” Meggie said sternly.
    “Ye were never a silly lass, and I do believe ye.”
    She gave him a wee smile and turned her attention once again to the road. “Thank ye,” she whispered. “I had hoped when I saw ye wearing similar clothing of the period, ye would ken more about me. Maybe tell me that we were traveling gypsies.” Meggie burst out laughing. “Nae. I cannae see ye playing to the crowd.”
    “A crowd would not find me humorous,” he said brusquely.
    “Nae, they wouldn’t, Adam MacFhearguis. Ye are more a brute—ready to defend and protect.”
    Adam turned his gaze back to the passing land, Meggie’s words reminding him of another time when his sword took up the call to defend and protect for the one true God. He had returned from the Crusades, bitter and unsure, but steadfast in his belief.
    They remained in quiet company for the remainder of their journey, and Adam pondered different strategies on how he could bring his Meggie back. Propping his arm on the edge of the window, he watched the land he loved brush by in a blur.
    An hour later, Meggie nudged his arm. “Look yonder.”
    Shifting slightly, Adam looked to his left. Staring back at him stood a skeleton of his home.

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