Dragan's Redemption Book One of the Manor at Echo Lake Trilogy

Dragan's Redemption Book One of the Manor at Echo Lake Trilogy by Kelly Ilebode

Book: Dragan's Redemption Book One of the Manor at Echo Lake Trilogy by Kelly Ilebode Read Free Book Online
Authors: Kelly Ilebode
    “You only listed 5.  That is a pretty short list . ”
    “No it’s not .  W hen I wrote this a year ago, I had about 100 things on the list.  I did ninety-five of them, and am down to the last five.  I figured if I got through all of them, then I could start a new list .”
    Standing to his feet, he held out his hand, and then gently pulled her up wrapping his arms around her as he did.  Sliding her arms around his waist, she loo k ed at him questioning.
    “What I wish for you , sweet Amira , is that you get every one of those items checked off of your list so that you can make a new one.” 
    Leaning down his breath warm against her neck , he whispered in her ear.  “Let me know if you need help with any one of them.”
    “How about number 2 ?”
    “Excuse me?”
    Amira ’s arms tightened around his waist while her hands slid underneath his shirt pressing against his skin.  Dragan froze at the touch.
    “We could take care of number 2 right now in the biblical sense .”
    Again unsure if she was joking, he pulled on her arms removing them from his skin.
    “Amira, you must stop.”
    “Don’t you want me , Dragan ?”
    Groaning he grabbed her face.  “You have no idea what you are saying right now.”
    “Oh, but I do.”
    “Amira , STOP!”
    Pulling away , her face flamed red fro m embarrassment, realizing that maybe he did not like her that way , but he wouldn’t let her go.  “You know nothing about me, who I am.”  His voice sounded urgent trying to make her understand .
    “Then tell me who you are.”
    Kissing her quickly, he let her go and walked over to the bathroom to take a shower .
    Amira was frustrated , and she glared at his retreating back.  
    “Who is running away now , Dragan?”
    Dragan strode quickly back to her , and Amira flinched at the expression on his face.  Her words seemed to have struck a nerve with him , but she was not ready to back down. Putting her hands on her hips, she stared him down.
    “You are just a baby , Amira.  You do not have any idea what you are talking about right now , but I know that my truth you can’t handle.  You are naïve to think that you have ever come across someone such as me.  So, whoever your little boyfriends were before me, once you and I connect, and I mean really con nect , and I am not talking about sex here …there will never be anyone after me.   You seem to have this need to rush whatever is happening between us; where I, on the other hand, would rather take it much more slowly. ”   Dragan gripped her under the chin ; forcing her to look up at him , his voice now sounded threatening.  “Rest assured , Amira, for you and I it is not a matter of if but a matter of when.”
    Releasing her, Dragan turned again towards the bathroom not see ing the tears now glistening in Amira’s eyes. Sitting heavily down on the bench, she reached for her now cold tea. He had no idea that her ’when’ may never happen , and her heart hurt thinking of that possibility .  Yesterday really scared her, and she knew that her fever had to do with the anomaly in her blood , and her episodes seemed to present themselves more and more often.  Thoughtfully, she broke a croissant in her hand before popping it into her mouth.  She needed to find out what his secret was, and the realization that he wanted to know her secret, brought a smile to her face.  Maybe they could resolve this disagreement today after all.
    Pacing the floor in her bedroom , her mind raced as she waited impatiently for him to get out of the shower .  She was still not ready to tell him ev erything yet about her illness , but there were ways around that.
    Hearing the knob turn, she sat back down causally sipping her tea.  Dragan looked over at her sitting quietly.  He could hear her heart beating quickly in her chest.
    “What are you up to , Amira?”
    Startled , she looked at him wondering how he knew.   “I have no idea what you are talking about.”
    “Ok ay

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