Dolphin Way: Rise of the Guardians

Dolphin Way: Rise of the Guardians by Mark Caney

Book: Dolphin Way: Rise of the Guardians by Mark Caney Read Free Book Online
Authors: Mark Caney
the bay; these were big, powerful dolphins. The nearest one came straight at him — Sky lunged to one side as the other’s rostrum crashed a painful glancing blow against his side — a blow that would have crushed his ribs had he not moved. Sky leapt out of the water, momentarily confusing his pursuers, but as he exploded back into the black water he saw them turning and coming at him again. Sending out blasts of ratcheting sound to locate him. Sky fled in confusion. ‘I am Touches The Sky! Why are you doing this?’
    His only answer was a harsh laugh and a call back in a rough voice: ‘And we are going to help you spend some time a little closer to that sky soon!’
    His pursuers had spread out now and Sky realised that they were between him and the open sea. They were hemming him into the small bay. He realised with horror that this must have been what happened to Born Into Summer, that she had been driven high up onto this same beach and left to die. Then his fear mixed with anger. He had to escape somehow. To tell others what was happening. To find out who these strangers were and stop this madness. He suddenly veered and swam away from the nearest big dolphins towards the shore. They took a moment to follow him. No doubt they had expected him to try and break out for the open sea between them, not to head for the impassable wall of the shore. This gave him enough of a head start to get out of visual range, so they could not see his trail of light; but they knew there was nowhere for him to go. He heard two or three harsh laughs again as the hunters slowly closed in on him. Again that rough voice came to him through the water,
    ‘ Come and join us for some fun, little fish! The other meddler was boring too. She preferred lying on the beach to playing our games!’ Several more jeering laughs followed.
    Sky sped close inshore to one end of the small bay. Soon he was in barely enough water to swim, up against the rocky headland. It was a high rock wall, totally impassable. He made a small leap, and could just see in the failing light that the other end of the bay was blocked in the same way. He was trapped! He could hear the ranging sounds from his pursuers, it sounded as though most of them were waiting at the narrow opening of the bay while three more were closing in, searching for him, hunting him down like prey. He swam fast along the shore, his belly brushing the sand in the shallow water. The hunters’ sonar was louder. Sky did not think they would have detected his exact location yet, but he knew they would be on him soon! He approached the other end of the bay. There was no way out. Should he die on the beach like Born had? Or fight? Attacking another zeta was wrong, but defending yourself? Sky decided he would rather swim out and have them attack him. Sky looked out for a moment at the pale expanse of sand, still clearly visible in the starlight. It looked perfect, sterile, peaceful. Almost invitingly tranquil. But he’d almost died on a beach before, he could not face that slow, lingering death. Sky could hear all the hunters closing now, moving slowly and purposefully, confident of their success. They knew he had nowhere to go. This was the end. He heard the sonar of two of them move behind him, they were sweeping the along the shoreline now. They would be on him in a moment.
    Sky lifted his head above the water for one last look at the sky. The rocky wall of the nearby headland could not be seen, but he could clearly make out its outline by the absence of bright stars where its mass blackened his view of an otherwise perfectly clear night. Then Sky realised that the headland was not quite a straight wall of rock. There was a small kink where the rock met the water, close beside him. It formed a small alcove in the rock wall at sea level and by moving closer to it he realised that there was a shelf of rock above the water there, maybe two or three times his body length above the water. Sky did not really

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