Demon's Doorway

Demon's Doorway by Glenn Bullion

Book: Demon's Doorway by Glenn Bullion Read Free Book Online
Authors: Glenn Bullion
hand to his face and pulled it away to see blood. The demon grinned a toothy, terrible smile.
    Kevin reached into his coat for another vial. He threw it as hard as he could at the demon's chest. It was immediately engulfed in flame, but didn't flinch. It actually seemed to enjoy the blaze.
    It raised a fiery claw above its head.
    A desk soared through the air and slammed into it from the side, knocking it to the ground. Kevin only knew one person that strong.
    Victoria leaned over him. Her claw changed to a hand as she pulled him to his feet, but her other features remained. Black flesh dangled from her fangs. Her red hair was wild and caked with blood. Her once beautiful dress was a torn and ruined mess.
    She said nothing, only giving a fang-filled smile before running away, slashing at demons as she went.
    He grabbed his mirror and headed for the windows once again. Jumping on the windowsill, he turned to face the chaos.
    "Hey! I need everyone to look over here!"
    The demons ignored him, and not every human looked at Kevin. Some were distracted with fighting, or simply hurt. But many of them did. Their eyes caught the mirror, enhanced by his magic.
    They disappeared without a trace. Some were in the grip of demons, and the creatures looked at each other. Kevin couldn't be sure, but he almost thought they were confused.
    He spun and stared at the mirror. It no longer showed a reflection, but about thirty people, all cramped together. They were terrified, and some looked injured, but they were alive and safe.
    Kevin had learned the potion of capturing a soul with a mirror from his spell-book.
    Altering the potion to capture bodies as well, that was an improvement only he could claim.
    "Kevin!" Victoria shouted, six demons swarming her.
    He looked up just in time to see the chair a demon tossed flying toward him. It struck him in the chest, forcing him through the glass window. He saw the outside of the building, and the sky, for just a second. His hands flailed, reaching for anything to grab onto, as the mirror left his grip.
    He gripped the ledge with one hand, hanging from the side of the building. The sphere still hovered, unmoving, a few windows down, somehow powering the demonic invasion.
    He watched with wide eyes as the mirror fell nine floors down. It shattered on the grassy field behind the building. The glass shards morphed into the people Kevin had trapped. They searched around, confused, until they looked up and saw Kevin. They shouted words of hope and encouragement as he hung on for dear life.
    Reaching up with his free hand, Kevin's fingers folded over a piece of glass still in the window, slicing them. He winced and pulled his hand back. His other hand was slipping.
    A second before his grip weakened completely, a hand grabbed his arm. He looked above him, expecting to see Victoria. It wasn't her, and he blinked to make sure his vision was okay.
    A man he didn't know leaned out the window. He showed no signs of fear, no panic on his face. He actually looked annoyed as he struggled to pull Kevin up a few inches.
    "Damn," he said. "You're heavier than you look."
    A young girl stood next him, her head poking outside. She was the one with fear in her eyes. She looked back and forth between Kevin and the sphere.
    "Hi there. I'm Jack." Jack smiled, perhaps the strangest thing Kevin had ever seen, given the circumstances.
    "Can you save him?" the girl asked. "I'll help."
    "No, Tiffany. There's glass."
    "The monsters are everywhere."
    "I know. Just stay close to me."
    A frightening growl spun Tiffany around. A demon ran past her, chasing another human. It bumped into her, and sent her over the sill.
    Jack quickly grabbed Tiffany's arm with one hand. She screamed as her body smacked into Kevin. Jack was halfway out the window, the glass piercing through his shirt. He held both Kevin and Tiffany, one in each hand.
    "Jack! Daddy!"
    They started slipping through his fingers.
    He had to make a

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