Demon Street Blues

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Authors: Starla Silver
    “My guess would be no,” thought Michael. “I’m sure there would have been reports of monsters in the lake by now if they were. Which begs the question, where exactly are they hanging out? And just how many of them are there?”
    “Better inform the sheriff, just in case,” said Charlie.
    “Yeah, good idea,” agreed Michael.
    “The local police know about all this crazy stuff too?” Eva clarified.
    “Um. Not all of them. Just the town sheriff. She’s from the Isle,” Charlie answered, curious as to why Eva would care if the police knew about the supernatural. 
    Michael ran his hand over the surface of the wall. “What is this stuff?” Rust colored specks spackled the entire cave wall. He scraped bits of the substance into a plastic bag he had stored in his diving suit.
    “Whatever this is, I’m guessing it’s what transformed those leeches,” guessed Charlie.
    “They were clearly addicted to it,” Michael remarked.
    “Plus they can now move on land and in water,” Charlie added. “We’re going to have to keep watch I think, even after warning the sheriff. We can’t have those things showing up on beaches…” Charlie stopped himself. “I mean that I will keep a look out.”
    Michael averted his brother’s gaze and did not reply, but did nod just slightly. This was Charlie’s subtle way of accepting that he was leaving the Isle. Michael was really going to leave the Isle… “Once we get home I’ll run some tests,” he said after collecting what he hoped would be a sufficient amount of the rust colored leech food. “See if I can figure out what this stuff is.”
    After a few minutes, they began the trek back towards their diving gear.
    “Do you think this stuff is why our parents were down here?” asked Michael, as quietly as he could, hoping Eva would not overhear.
    “No idea. I don’t think we’re going to get the answers we came looking for today. But at least there’s one less Sea Hag to contend with.”
    Slowly and carefully, they made their way back into the water and out of the cave. Charlie used his underwater breathing spell to swim back to the surface, allowing Eva to use his air tank. Once out of the water they headed for the jeep. Michael worked on packing up, while Charlie grabbed the first aid kit to clean and dress Eva’s leg wound, properly. He was surprised that the cut did not look as bad as he’d first thought.
    He nervously grasped her leg, letting out a relieved breath when nothing out of the ordinary happened. He’d thought about asking Michael to fix her up, but he’d wanted to see for himself that it was all nothing. Just some freak thing that would never happen again.
    “So, do you like being your father’s assistant?” he asked, making small talk while opening a tube containing an antibiotic ointment.
    There was an inflection that made Charlie believe otherwise. “What do you think about your father’s work after today?”
    “Actually, today just made it all quite real. Not that I haven’t always had complete faith in my father. I always believed him.”
    Charlie smirked. “I still remember my first time,” he told her, grinning smugly as he stroked ointment across her calf.
    She made a face that begged him to tell her more.
    “I was just turning seven. I knew I was a witch, but my parents, they did everything they could to keep us away from the scary stuff. Didn’t want us growing up too fast I guess. One night though I snuck out. Followed my dad into the woods. Let’s just say I got a pretty huge dose of reality and got myself pretty nearly scared out of my wits.”
    Eva laughed. “Sorry. I’m sure it wasn’t funny at the time.”
    “No. It wasn’t. But I did decide that night that I wanted to be just like my dad. He wasn’t scared at all. Just did his job and headed home like another day’s work was done.”
    He finished wrapping a bandage around her leg and put away the first aid kit. “It’s not quite good as

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