Demon Hunters 2: Retribution (Stand Alone Series) (Demon Hunters.)

Demon Hunters 2: Retribution (Stand Alone Series) (Demon Hunters.) by Avril Sabine

Book: Demon Hunters 2: Retribution (Stand Alone Series) (Demon Hunters.) by Avril Sabine Read Free Book Online
Authors: Avril Sabine
into the city and wander around until we find something to do.”
    Blake turned to Des. “Hell won’t be far enough if something happens to her.”
    Des grinned. “I much prefer Old Testament Christians and their belief in an eye for an eye.”
    Blake’s expression stayed serious. “Let’s just say I have trouble following New Testament principles when one of mine is threatened or harmed. Instinct outweighs clear thought.”
    “I let instinct regularly interfere with clear thought. It keeps life much more interesting. Self-preservation is a well-developed instinct. I’ll return her with her life intact. Her soul though, that’s not my concern,” Des said.
    Blake nodded. “That’s all I ask. She’s responsible for her own soul.”
    Des turned to Scarlett. “You’ll have to brush the salt away from the doorway before I can leave.”
    Scarlett nodded. She kissed Blake’s cheek and then rubbed it. “You need a shave.”
    Blake chuckled. “Allie doesn’t think so.” His expression turned serious. “Take care, Scarlett.” He glanced towards Des, a warning in his eyes.
    Scarlett nodded before she strode towards the front door. She bent down and pushed the salt into a small pile against the wall. As she stood up, her hands brushed her back pockets to make sure her wallet and phone was in them. She wore no cosmetics and her hair required minimal attention. All she needed was her slim wallet and mobile phone. Sometimes she carried a backpack with emergency gear. Usually it stayed in her car. She didn’t think she’d have any need of it today. After all, she had a fallen guardian angel on duty.
    As they walked along the footpath in the direction of the ferry Des linked his fingers through hers. “What do you want to do?”
    Scarlett shrugged. “I really don’t know. But walking outside is so much better than pacing back and forth in a small room.”
    “Do you need help with some ideas?” His lips slowly curved into a smile and his voice lowered as he turned his head to watch her.
    “No thanks,” Scarlett said dryly.
    Des chuckled softly. “I’m sure I could find lots of things to do that would take your mind off your problems.”
    “Yeah and have me worrying about other problems. My soul might not be perfectly spotless, but that’s what I aim for.”
    “Think how much more interesting it could be.”
    “More interesting than sharing a house with a demon?”
    Des laughed. “Touché.”
    They reached the ferry shelter to find they were the only ones waiting for the ferry, which arrived on time. Scarlett started to step onboard when a wave made the ferry rock dramatically and Des reached out to steady her. She smiled her thanks and quickly boarded when the ferry’s movements evened out. As soon as she payed for their tickets, she led the way to the bow. She loved seeing where she was going and feeling the breeze in her face.
    Holding onto the rails, she closed her eyes to savour the sensation of movement on the water. She felt Des come to stand behind her. His hands gripped the rails on either side of her hands and trapped her in his embrace. Scarlett leaned back against him and relaxed as a feeling of safety washed over her.
    “When I was younger I wanted to sail around Australia. I had very romantic ideas of what it’d be like.” Scarlett’s eyes remained closed.
    “Do you still want to do that?”
    “Only when life’s difficult.”
    “You have only to ask and we can go,” Des said softly.
    “Somehow clicking my fingers and there it is doesn’t appeal to me. It feels like cheating.
    Des laughed. “Remind me to play poker with you one day. I like to win.”
    “I’m not an idiot. You’d probably cheat.”
    “There’s no probably about it.”
    Scarlett smiled and turned in his arms so she could look at him. “How about we see a movie?”
    “Why do I get the feeling the movies you’d be willing to see would bore me to tears?”
    Scarlett laughed. “We could always see if there’s

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