DeliveredIntoHisHands by Charlotte Boyett-Compo

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Authors: Charlotte Boyett-Compo
four days since his
Joining and Garrick still considered himself on his honeymoon although he and
Antonia had yet to take an official one. The rattling of sabers and talk of
rebel forces prowling the countryside looking for recruits had made it
impossible for him to take his bride beyond the grounds of Castle Blackthorn
for fear of harm coming to her. He would take no chances with her life.
    But that had not stopped him from venturing
out with Marc and Oran to meet with the Modarthan spies who were trying to get
a list of the Volakisians who were pushing for war between their two worlds.
His main objective was to learn the identity of the man who had been chosen to
lead the rebel forces. So far, he had been unable to gather any information concerning
that man.
    “Once war is declared, there will be no
stopping the king,” Garrick said. “He will crush this world and grind the
conquered beneath his boot heel.”
    “Aye, I suspect he will. They believe they
have it bad now? They’ll be in for a very rude awakening,” Marc replied. “The
raids the rebels have made against government offices and treasuries hasn’t set
well with him or his council.”
    “I can understand the Volakisians wanting
to be free of our rule,” Garrick said. “Every world should govern itself and
not be forced to live under a government hundreds of light years away, overseen
by thieving magistrates who are bleeding their world dry.”
    “Shut the fuck up!” Marc hissed. “That’s
sedition you’re speaking, Rick! The wrong ears hearing that and reporting it
could get you executed or at the very least in-coffined for life!”
    “There’s no one listening, Zoltán,” Garrick
told him.
    “You don’t know that for sure!” Marc
snapped. “By the goddess, please be careful what you say.”
    “I am and I haven’t expressed that opinion
to anyone save you,” Garrick mumbled.
    “Especially not your lady-wife, I hope,”
Marc said.
    “She’s not interested in politics and never
mentions the war looming on the horizon. I’m sure she has friends among the
    “Like that prissy Clay bastard,” Marc
suggested. “I’ll wager he’s sure as hell one.”
    “I’ve yet to meet him,” Garrick said. He
unsheathed the dagger strapped to his thigh and put the tip of the blade under
the pouch’s sealed flap.
    “Consider yourself lucky. He vanished
before the Joining. Before that, he was always skulking about trying to get the
lady alone.”
    Garrick stopped what he was doing and
looked over at his friend. “What does that mean?” he demanded.
    “From what I learned from her lady’s-maid,
the sneaky prick has deep feelings for your woman and has for years,” Marc
answered. “Her mother kept telling him he wasn’t her Chosen but apparently the
dickwad has a thick head and refused to believe it. By all accounts he was very
annoyed when you showed up at Blackthorn and swept the lady out from under his
    “Was he now?” Garrick asked. “He’s the one
I suspect issued the orders for me to be staked.”
    “And you didn’t think to tell me to be
watching his swishy ass?” Marc queried.
    “I had other things on my mind.”
    “The least of which appears to be your
fucking life!” Marc ground out in a disbelieving tone. “Why did you suspect
    “I saw him as they were carrying me
upstairs that night. There was something about the way he looked at me, the
disappointment and anger on his face that caught my attention. I asked the
Sargent-at-Arms who he was and was told he was a trusted friend of the family.”
    “If he is and he tried to kill you, that
means he’s with the rebels,” Marc stated. “And if that’s the case that means
the baron is too.”
    “I’m sure every aristocrat on Volakis is,”
Garrick said. “Were the tables reversed, wouldn’t you be?”
    “Probably,” Marc grumbled. “But how safe
can it be for you to be living in what you know is most likely a rebel

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