Dead Moon Awakens: A tale of Cherokee myth and Celtic magic (Mystic Gates)

Dead Moon Awakens: A tale of Cherokee myth and Celtic magic (Mystic Gates) by Teresa Joyce Jackson

Book: Dead Moon Awakens: A tale of Cherokee myth and Celtic magic (Mystic Gates) by Teresa Joyce Jackson Read Free Book Online
Authors: Teresa Joyce Jackson
he abuses Mom. He said he’d beat her to a pulp if I told Mom or if I
ever said anything to anyone again. That’s when I punched him in the stomach.”
He looked up at Aishling. “You knew. You knew she was gonna say something,
didn’t you. You tried to warn me.”
    As she sat on the grass next to him, she said, “I
didn’t know what, but I knew she was going to do something .” She picked
up a twig and broke it into little pieces.
    “Wait a minute. Morrigan wouldn’t do that. I know
she wouldn’t.” Lance shook his head.
    “Sit down, man. I’ve got something to tell you.”
Kelile motioned for Lance to sit. “I don’t know how I ever believed anything
she said to me. But it’s all clear now.” He shook his head and stared at the
    “What is clear?” Lance asked.
    “You tell him, Aishling. Tell him the whole story.”
He looked at Lance. “And you believe everything she tells you, brother, because
she is,” he emphasized, “telling the truth.”

    April 21
    I’m so happy! Finally, Lance and Kelile believe
me. Wow! Did they ever blow up at Morri. Ha, ha. I know I’m being mean, but she
had it coming. Lance had told her we were having an emergency meeting today
after church, and for all of us to meet at the river. Before the meeting, she
told me she had a premonition that Kelile wouldn’t be going with us. I acted
like I didn’t know what she was talking about. It was all I could do to keep
    And the greatest thing was that I didn’t have
to say a word at the meeting. Lance took care of everything. And he handled it so
well, even though he had told me and Kelile he was so mad at her he could pull
his face off!
    She cried, I mean cried. She came clean, though,
and admitted that she had gone to Kelile’s stepfather, that it had been her all
along that hadn’t wanted Kelile to go with us, and that she had asked me to lie
for her. But she told us she had had nightmares about us escaping. In them, we
always got caught because something dreadful would happen to Kelile and he
died, and that all this time she had been trying to protect all of us, even
him. She said she realized now that her nightmares were silly and begged us to
forgive her.
    She had told me before that she’d dreamed we
would get caught if Kelile came, but she hadn’t told me that she thought he’d
    Anyway, Kelile told her not to worry, that he
wasn’t going to die. And, since all of us want to get away from here, we agreed
to forget the past and work together. We’re leaving next Sunday night. We have
to, not only because Lance might be put into foster care soon and Kelile and I
might be moved somewhere else, but because Kelile is afraid something might
happen to his mother.
    Lance is so nice to me now. He looks at me when
he talks to me. He even smiles at me. Kelile and I are friends again too. Morri
has been quiet since our meeting. But I did forgive her.
    Ma, I’m coming home in one week!

once freedom wakes and churns,

    Tuesday, April 23
    T hey
squeezed into the laundry room after curfew and huddled on the floor around a
map. Even though Lance had positioned a towel underneath the door to block any
light, they still sat in the dark with only the dim glow of Morrigan’s
    “Get your hands off my imagination, girl!” Kelile said
when Aishling told him he’d be okay walking from the A.T. to Andrews alone.
“Have you ever walked anywhere in the wild by yourself? ”
    She shook her head.
    “Didn’t think so.”
    “Lance,” she said, “can’t we please walk with
Kelile to Andrews first, and then go to Robbinsville?”
    “Like I already said, we would be more exposed if
we got off the A.T. that soon.”
    “Man, I need to get Mom away from that lowlife
asshole. You know that.” Kelile rubbed the back of his neck. “And, I could get
you three more food before you head up to Robbinsville.”
    “Sla—Kelile,” Morrigan interrupted, “Lance has
already decided which way we’re

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