Dawson Bride (Wolf Brides Book 3)

Dawson Bride (Wolf Brides Book 3) by T. S. Joyce

Book: Dawson Bride (Wolf Brides Book 3) by T. S. Joyce Read Free Book Online
Authors: T. S. Joyce
the storage opened. A handful of men filed down into the room. They were dressed in billowing shirts and dark tanned pants and black leather riding boots that reached their knees. A man with long, blond hair pulled back into a leather band at the nape of his neck headed straight for the back of the room and right past me. The wolf scratched and clawed frantically, digging grooves into the wood by the cage door.
    “Look what we have here,” a short, redheaded man said. He pointed a pistol at the wolf’s head.
    “No!” I screamed. I lunged for him and plunged the knife into his shoulder up to the hilt.
    His hand was a flame as it blasted against my cheek and I hurtled backward. The blond man lifted me by my hair with a cruel smile. “You’re a very valuable little stowaway, Ms. Whitlock.”
    If I wasn’t a lady, I would’ve spat right in his smirking face. He pushed me forward with a painful wrench of my hair and I struggled against him. The wolf snapped and snarled as I passed and in desperation I grabbed onto the bars. He kept pulling my hair but if only I could reach the latch, the wolf would give a distraction.
    I used all of my strength to pull myself forward, and I gritted my teeth against the pain of my hair separating from my scalp. My wet fingers found purchase against the slippery iron latch and I pulled with the last of my ability. I’d unlatched it but failed to open the heavy iron door. I watched my salvation slip away until the huge wolf pressed two ferocious paws against the door and shoved it opened like he’d done it a hundred times.
    The long haired man released me and a strangled sound came from his throat. The wolf landed over my felled body with all four paws around me. Just as I thought he’d snap at my face, he launched through the air and landed on my attacker.
    The man with my knife still buried in his shoulder lifted the pistol and I scrambled to him. For lack of any weapons, I bit his leg until my teeth threatened to shatter out of my head. I waited for a kick that didn’t come. I stared dumbfounded as he fell over. I highly doubted my blunt teeth had done that much damage. The sound of gunfire echoed through the room a split moment later and I hunched against the ear-splitting loudness. Captain Kelley stood on the ladder with a look of such elated satisfaction.
    “You finally let the wolf out,” he said.
    The wolf in question was nowhere to be seen. My heart jumped into my throat and I ran for the ladder. “They’ll kill him!”
    Kelley’s hand stopped me from scrambling onto the deck. “He’s glorious, isn’t he?”
    The wolf sailed through the air and landed against a man’s back, and as he used his huge neck muscles to shake him, he tossed him into waiting sword of Ewen. Another man sat on his knees, screaming as he clutched what looked like a bite wound on his forearm. Ralston’s men scattered and threw themselves onto row boats churning in the waters below. Bodies littered the deck and my stomach turned again. It wasn’t from the rolling waves this time, but from the loss of life that seemed to follow me. All of these men would’ve lived if they’d just given up their chase of me.
    Kelley helped me out of the mouth of the ship. The sky was still dotted with storm clouds and the waves were white crested and choppy, tossing the boat like a rag doll. I splayed my legs to keep my balance and my hip screamed from its recent abuse. My cheek throbbed where the man had struck me and it would be a small miracle if all of my gunshot injuries were still closed, but I was alive. The wolf stood over the railing and watched the men flee to their ship. His lips were drawn back in a snarl and lightening cracked across the sky in the distance behind him. The wind caressed his fur until it whipped in all directions and his icy gaze crashed onto mine.
    “Stay still, girl,” Kelley advised before walking away.
    The wolf loped up to me and I closed my eyes as he snuffled his nose against

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