Dawn (The Dire Wolves Chronicles Book 3)

Dawn (The Dire Wolves Chronicles Book 3) by Alyssa Rose Ivy

Book: Dawn (The Dire Wolves Chronicles Book 3) by Alyssa Rose Ivy Read Free Book Online
Authors: Alyssa Rose Ivy
to do with you ending the hunt?” Genevieve moved to standing.
    “You may be on to something.” Denny paced. “Hunter might have misinterpreted everything.”
    “It’s possible. Men do that a lot.” Genevieve grinned.
    “So do women.” Denny shook his head.
    “Not as much, but sometimes.” Mary Anne seemed pensive.
    Genevieve unzipped her sweatshirt again. “Either way, Mary Anne and I can handle this.”
    “What will you do if the queen won’t help? And how will you get to see her anyway?” If they weren’t going to ask the important and logical questions, then I would.
    “Maybe my technological skills can help after all.” Genevieve smiled. “I can find anyone that’s on the grid. Is she on the grid or as old fashioned as the rest?”
    “She seems modern, and she’s human.” Mary Anne bounded excitedly. “I bet she has a cell phone.”
    “I need names and addresses, and I can get you everything you need.”
    “You’re awesome, Genevieve.” Mary Anne grinned.
    “I know.”
    “You need to run. You’re too new of a Dire to deny that need.” Denny looked long and hard at me. “They’re safe with me.”
    “I’m not leaving her.”
    “You look like you’re going to snap. We can’t risk that happening.”
    “Go ahead. We’ll be right here.” Mary Anne touched my arm gently. “You have to take care of yourself. Whether that’s eating enough meat or running.”
    “All right.” They had a point. I would be useless if I didn’t calm down and pull myself together. “I’ll be right back.”
    I walked into the woods, stripped down, and my body convulsed as I let the Dire take over. My body gladly accepted the change and my vision deepened. It was time to run.
    I felt free. Powerful. Whole in a way I hadn’t felt in days. The wind rushed around me as I circled the woods over and over. I didn’t want to go too far. I trusted Denny, but I’d never stop worrying about Mary Anne unless I was with her myself.
    Finally, once my body fully calmed, I shifted back and found my clothes. Now came the hard part. Letting Mary Anne face the queen without me.


    T he girl watched me again . She waited until Joseph walked off and she thought I wasn’t looking, but I was always looking. She was my ticket out. I had no question about that, and it was the only reason my eyes returned to her over and over. It had nothing to do with her physical appearance or the laugh I occasionally heard through the fortified glass. There had to be something special about the glass that made them think it would keep us in, but I hadn’t had a chance to investigate it yet.
    Our prison was worse than any with bars. To be able to see freedom but not reach it, was hard to take, but knowing my pack mates were close without being able to interact with them was the worst part.
    Joseph walked back over, and she hurried away.
    He noticed me watching her retreat.
    “Her exterior is the only sweet thing about her.” Joseph returned to his chair.
    “I’m not concerned with whether she’s sweet inside or out.”
    He quirked a smile, clearly amused by my choice of words. “The way you were looking at her says otherwise.”
    “You can’t blame me for enjoying the brief view. I don’t enjoy looking at you.”
    “But you could read a book. Stare at the wall.”
    “I’ve done plenty of the staring at the wall, and I haven’t seen any books.” I wasn’t looking for distractions. I was looking for answers before Levi returned. I wasn’t going to lose my opportunity to garner any information possible.
    “Your female seems to like Michelle.”
    Michelle. So that was her name. “Marni gets along with everyone.” She did, although she’d hit some friction with Mary Anne. We all had.
    “Is that a good trait or a bad one for your kind?”
    “For my kind?” I wasn’t sure why I bothered to talk to him. It was obvious he knew and understood nothing. “Give up on your attempts to play me. We’re not very different

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