Dangerous Kisses (Siren Publishing Classic)

Dangerous Kisses (Siren Publishing Classic) by Tonya Ramagos

Book: Dangerous Kisses (Siren Publishing Classic) by Tonya Ramagos Read Free Book Online
Authors: Tonya Ramagos
Tags: Romance
the mild breeze of the night, seeping into his skin and flirting with his very soul. And her smile, she really did have an amazing smile. He saw it every time he closed his eyes, watched it turn sultry and tantalizing when she submitted to him in his dreams.
    “It amazes me how well you think you know me.” She drew her brows together. “Am I really that transparent?”
    “Sometimes. You’re not a woman who can be satisfied with the mundane, with the vanilla you’ve been given.”
    “With the sex I’ve had, you mean.”
    “For starters. There’s a demon in you right here.” He reached across his body to touch her temple. “And right here.” He dropped his hand to her chest, putting a finger between her breasts. “And definitely right here.” He turned slightly to slip his hands between her legs and cupped her pussy, felt the warmth and wetness seep into his palm. “That wants to know what the other side is like.” He pulled his hand back and shrugged. “I’ve just been waiting for you to decide to let that demon free.”
    “I do like living life on the edge.”
    He grinned at her. “I know. What are your plans for tomorrow?”
    She sighed. “If I answer that I’ll have to let the detective out of my apartment.”
    “You can lock her up again in a minute.”
    “Okay.” She didn’t look at him, her attention seemingly transfixed on the sand beneath her feet.
    He knew her mind was elsewhere, though, taking a speedboat back to the case, likely wondering if she was walking along, holding hands with a killer.
    “I plan to continue the investigation. I haven’t really interrogated Brandon yet. Aside from you and Debbie, he was the last person to see Paul alive, the last that we know of to leave the aquarium before the attack.” She took a deep breath and let it out slow. “I need to talk to Marie, too, along with Walter Samuels, Joan Baxter… Hell, every employee Paul had. At this point, everyone is a potential suspect.”
    She stopped walking and turned to face him. “I want you to go to the aquarium with me, too. I want you to walk me through that night, everything you did, everything you saw.” She shook her head and lifted a shoulder. “Maybe doing it will jar something in your memory that you don’t realize is there.”
    “Maybe. Are you telling me you believe I didn’t kill Paul?”
    “I’m telling you that I’m covering all the bases.” She sighed again and cupped the side of his face. “I don’t think you’re a killer, Drake. If I did, I certainly wouldn’t be out here alone with you right now.”
    The knots loosened in his gut. He hadn’t realized how desperately he needed her to believe him until that moment, how much it would really mean to him. Not just because she was in a position to help him. Without her, he didn’t doubt that Cusack would have already locked his ass behind bars. But he had needed her to believe him for a much deeper reason, had needed her to trust him.
    Because you’re falling for her.
    The thought came from so far out of left field it hit him like a physical blow. He jerked, averting his gaze as a double-edged sword sliced through him, one side sharpened by the realization he was indeed falling for her and the other side honed with a fear he had never known.
    “What’s wrong?” Her hand fell to his bicep. Her other one, still laced with his, tightened its grip.
    Bang-up job at hiding that one, dumbass. He reached in his pocket as he looked back at her, found the remote, and thumbed the switch. Her eyes immediately grew heavy lidded, filling with pleasure as the low hum of the vibrator danced in the night air.
    “Time to send the detective back home,” he told her, his voice low and husky even to his own ears. The sound of the bullet moved over him, taunting him with the knowledge that it was giving her pleasure right now instead of his massively aching cock.
    Jesus, he needed to be inside her. His shaft tingled, his balls tightening to the point

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