Cursed by Charmaine Ross

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Authors: Charmaine Ross
just a medical doctor in a hospital when he could clearly do so much more.
    His mouth twisted, “Sometimes ... inspiration ... strikes in the darkest of times. And sometimes, we don’t have a choice but to see things.”
    “What do you mean by that?”
    “It means that I found out by pure chance, as most advances often go. When circumstances called for it. But just for now, they are only notes. My research. They haven’t made it into any journal, and all advances in medicine need to be read by the intellects and the powers that be to be funded. As of yet, they are my mere ... thoughts. Conjecture.”
    I hated to think he’d gone to so much time and effort to think his research was just supposition. “They’re good, Julius.”
    “But do they make any sense?”
    I shrugged, “They do. I understood, if that makes any difference?”
    “Then that makes me happy. I’m glad you read them, and I’m glad you understood them. That’s a start. Now, if I can just get them into medical journals, I might be onto something.”
    “Well, how do you do that?”
    “Make an impact. A big impact somehow. But for now, the word of a doctor is hard to get heard.”
    “Your mind has an unusual capacity,” he said quietly, as if he mused a point to himself.
    “It’s a pity I’m not just a normal person.”
    “You are
, Katia.”
    His voice was no more than a whisper, but it was loud and clear enough to touch my soul. A tingle scattered inside of me. I shook my head, not quite believing anyone could say something about me like that and actually sound as though they meant it. “No.”
    A small smile tugged at his mouth, and for a moment, he looked inexplicably sad. “I wonder why you don’t believe that. And yes. You are special. More than you could ever know.” He paused, reaching for my hand, hesitated, and withdrew. I didn’t know whether to be relieved or disappointed. A quiet seriousness settled on his features, “Katia, I want you to know I’ll do anything to try to help you. You’re a very—important—woman, and whatever happens, I will do whatever is in my power to keep you safe. Promise me you’ll remember that.”
    I didn’t doubt what he said, but it had come out of nowhere, almost as though he expected the worse. I didn’t know what to say, how to answer such an odd declaration. The heaviness of unease settled in my gut. I rose from the couch, walking across to the windows, battling against it. I concentered on the rows of traffic below to try to clear my head.
    The sky was a cloudless blue. Cars flowed in a continuous straight line in the distance, looking like a string of blowflies. “The M1. I remember the information on the road laws of 2060. All flying vehicles must fly in the designated route as installed into the internal GPS system of every car powered by magnetic-gravity. Fifty years ago, people were having all sorts of accidents brought about by the increase in flying vehicles going wherever they wanted. When people adopted this method of transport, no one had thought about roads in midair apart from the flight paths of planes.” I rolled out the information to keep my mind off him and on something other than how he made me feel.
    There were various lanes, some straight, like midair highways; others flowed around the sides of buildings. Lanes were stacked one on top of the other. All were busy. What I didn’t see was the ground. “How high are we?”
    “Two hundred and twenty six floors up,” Julius said.
    Vertigo pulled me into its vortex. I didn’t like heights. It was my greatest fear. I couldn’t stop that bizarre feeling that took control of my mind and body when I was even a few meters in the air. “I can’t see the ground.”
    “I used to feel the same way, but you get used to it. I concentrate on the sunsets now. They are breathtaking from this height.” Julius placed both hands on my shoulders and urged me backward. “Move away from the window. The feeling will

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