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Authors: Elodie Chase
minutes past ten. Have you already
booked a different client for this time?”
    “No,” I said. “I'm not taking any new
clients.” As soon as I heard the words come out of my mouth. I rushed to
clarify. “I mean, I'm not taking any clients. At all. Ever.”
    “Oh good,” he said with an audible
sigh of relief. “It will probably come as no surprise to you that I don't do
well with new people. I don't mean you though. I mean, well, it would be hard
to sit and wait with people I don't know to speak to you, you know?”
    “Right.” This was going to be much
more difficult than I thought. I sucked in a long slow lungful of air and
composed myself. How best to explain it? What would a man like this understand?
I knew it would be best for his emotions if I let him down easy, but I’d already
tried to tell him several times and the message simply wasn't getting through.
    Then it hit me. I don't know how or
why, I don't know if the angle of the sun or the pools of wax that littered the
living room or the staring eyes of the skull stacked with pennies on the coffee
table in front of me did it, but something inside me let go.
    Something got out of the way, and
once it had. I found myself able to smile at him and ask, “Did you like my
    “Yes!” he answered eagerly.
    “What exactly did she do to help you?”
    He looked at me with a hint of
suspicion, and I realized just how close I was to giving the game away. A
voodoo witch or queen or whatever they call themselves would hardly come
straight out and admit they didn't know what they were doing, so I improvised. “What
I mean is, what type of magic did she do on your behalf? There are so many, and
I wouldn't want to change too much for your sake to what you are already used
    That got him. He nodded enthusiastically,
so hard and so fast that I thought for a moment, I would have to reach out and
physically stop his bobbing head before he hurt himself. “Oh yes,” he said
happily. “Oh yes. Mostly I spoke to her about the things I was afraid of. As
you can imagine there are many conversations to be had along those lines. Marie
would listen and nod. Sometimes she would hum a little, when I got to the scary
    That's it? I could hardly say that out loud,
but it’s what I was thinking. “Did it help?” I asked instead, thinking that
that may well be the only thing that mattered.
    “Oh yes,” he said again, even more
willing to agree that he had been a moment before. “Immensely!”
    There was. Straight from the horse’s
mouth. If a man like this could find safety or comfort in the kind words of an
old one, then what harm had been done? Did it matter that he sought healing and
found it in the guise of magic? Was it wrong? My grandmother had charged him
money and performed a service that sounded like it had very much in common with
the therapy session, and I was torn as I wondered if that made the session a
    I didn't think so. Some people need
help anyway they can get it, and if there are those that seek spells instead of
shrinks, who was I to judge? I was only in town for a few more days. It wasn't
my place to burst this man's bubble.
    I stood up and smoothed my dress down
my legs once more, just making sure that everything was in place. “I'm Rachel,”
I said, extending my hand to him. “I'm sorry that I was asleep when you came
    “That's okay,” he said, looking at my
hand for a few long seconds before finally taking it. His grip was as weak as I
had expected to be, but at least his hand was dry as opposed to the damp and
sweaty thing I’d imagined it would be.
    “I’m Jonathan,” he told me, “and I
hope it was okay that I watched you sleep. You seemed so tired, I didn't have
the heart to wake you.”
    “That's okay. I'm not normally so
heavy sleeper. Usually any little sound keeps me up all night, so if I slept
through your knocks I really must have been exhausted.”
    “Oh,” he said, letting go of

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