Cowboy Secret (The Dalton Boys Book 4)

Cowboy Secret (The Dalton Boys Book 4) by Em Petrova

Book: Cowboy Secret (The Dalton Boys Book 4) by Em Petrova Read Free Book Online
Authors: Em Petrova
a man off the face of the earth.
    Beck opened the gate and passed through. After shutting it behind him, he took Sabrina by the arm and led her to the house. Once she was more stable on her heels, he passed Owen into her arms.
    With a small noise of relief, she burrowed her nose against his baby skull. “I missed you today.”
    Owen cooed and Beck wished he were the one getting sweet words from the woman. He wasn’t in the mood to put up with a tongue-lashing, especially when she still wore that knee-skimming skirt and the top that conformed to her round breasts.
    Heat started to build in his groin and he was powerless to stop it.
    Sabrina turned to him. Their gazes met. She opened her mouth to say something sassy, and he couldn’t let that happen.
    He dipped his head and claimed her mouth. A puff of anger left her, and he bit her lower lip, tugging lightly. Between them, Owen babbled. Sabrina swayed near.
    Beck tipped his head to the side and sank his tongue between her lips. Sweet essence of female filled his mind—stole it, more like. She’d had a hard day and all he wanted to do was make it better.
    As he plundered her mouth, he pulled her into his arms. She didn’t resist. When he felt the tip of her tongue touch his, they shared a primal growl.
    The sound of footsteps barely registered until Kade said, “Oh shit. Pardon me.”
    Beck ripped his mouth free. “Here, take the baby.” He thrust Owen into his brother’s arms. Then he sagged to hook Sabrina under the knees. In fifteen steps they reached the staircase. Another ten and he kicked open her bedroom door.
    “Leave the pieces, Beck!” Kade’s laugh followed them.
    Ignoring his brother and the fact that his parents were downstairs probably totally aware of what he was doing, Beck fell onto the mattress with her.
    For a long second, their gazes held. Then she did something totally unexpected.
    She locked her arms around him and pulled him down.
    Dark need twisted him in knots. As he plunged his tongue into her mouth, he used a knee to part her thighs. When he gripped her bare legs and opened her to cradle his hips, he bit off a groan. She tasted so damn good. Felt so right. Why couldn’t they make this work? Convincing her that he wasn’t an incompetent father and all around shitty person wouldn’t be easy, but now that he knew what was needed, he’d do his best at it.
    He rocked his hips, his aching erection angled right at her pussy. “You’re driving me crazy in this little skirt.”
    She pressed urgent kisses down his neck, but he couldn’t hold back. He had to taste her.
    When he slithered down her body, kissing her cleavage and around the outer curve of her breast, she seemed to stop breathing. His heart slammed his ribs and his cock battered his fly. He needed her like a gallop across the fields at dawn. Like the sweet air after a rain.
    He tugged up her top and made a lap with his tongue around her bellybutton. Then he threw up her skirt and buried his face between her thighs.
    As he rested his nose along the seam of her pussy, he dragged in a deep breath. Maybe that rain-scented air wasn’t so good after all. She quivered as he used his tongue to ease under the elastic of her panties. When he skimmed her pussy lip with his tongue, she cried out.
    “Shhh.” He pulled the crotch of her panties aside and opened his mouth over her pussy. Wet. Juicy for him. His cock throbbed and he closed his eyes to hold in the bliss of the moment.
    She bucked upward. He licked a path up to her hardened nubbin. Too well he recalled how crazy she went when he found the knot of nerves. He looked up the length of her body to her beautiful face and swirled his tongue exactly where she needed it most.
    “Oh God,” she gasped.
    He rumbled a reply and threw himself into loving her. Tasting her arousal, his own need hammering him. But he could wait. He wanted to make her come several times before he took his ease.
    Passion flowed from his lips and tongue. She

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