Cowboy Country

Cowboy Country by Sandy Sullivan, Raeanne Hadley, Deb Julienne, Lilly Christine, D'Ann Lindun

Book: Cowboy Country by Sandy Sullivan, Raeanne Hadley, Deb Julienne, Lilly Christine, D'Ann Lindun Read Free Book Online
Authors: Sandy Sullivan, Raeanne Hadley, Deb Julienne, Lilly Christine, D'Ann Lindun
didn't think—didn't do anything but jump from the makeshift bed, startling the cat into a loud yowl as Jacie launched herself into his arms.
    The sizzle of his mouth on hers told her he wanted this—wanted her. She reveled in the fact of his desire. His tongue explored the seam of her lips, asking for permission to deepen the kiss. Her lips parted of their own accord as she groaned at the touch of his tongue against hers. He pulled her tighter against his chest so she could feel every muscle and every plane of his hard body. His hands roamed down her back before settling on her hips. The feel of his hard length sent her desire spiraling out of control. The need for this man scared her, but she could do nothing except go along for the ride.
    Scorching heat from his lips, trailed over her cheek until he reached her ear.
    "Not having sex with you isn't an option. I crave your touch on my skin. I yearn for the feel of your heat wrapped around me."
    "I'm glad the feeling is mutual," she murmured as he seared a path down her neck.
    The material of her shirt disappeared with little more than a tug of it over her head. Cool night air hit her skin, making her shiver. Or was it the heat in his eyes?
    "I didn't want to push, but God, I want you. Earlier did nothin' more than whet my appetite for you." His sexy smile and come-to-me look, made her pussy throb.
    He ran one finger down her cheek, pausing at the rapid beating of her heart at the base of her throat, and then skimmed down to caress the top of her breast. The calluses on his fingers rasped over her skin in a delicious sensation of roughness against her sensitive flesh.
    "You're beautiful," he whispered. "Round in all the right places. Soft to the touch. I could stroke your skin for hours."
    One hand wrapped in her hair, tugging her head back.
    "Kissin' you is fabulous too. I love the way your mouth molds to mine."
    "You talk too much, Tucker."
    A warm chuckle left his lips as his eyes sparkled like blue diamonds in the faint glow of the light outside. Crisp hair brushed against her nipples, pulling them into tight little nubs.
    He tugged her hand, pulling her back with him until they stopped at the end of his bed.
    A groan passed his lips with the brush of her hand against the bulge of his cock pulsating against her abdomen. "You're killin' me, darlin'."
    "Make sure you stay alive long enough to slide this impressive piece deep enough to make me come."
    "No problem. I got it covered," he murmured.
    They fell across the bed in a tangle of arms, legs and seeking lips. With one hand on his shoulder, she pushed him onto his back to skim her tongue down his torso. She nipped at the button of his nipple, bringing a hearty moan to the surface of his mouth."You're gonna pay for torturing me."
    "Mmm. Really? I'm looking forward to it." She smiled against his skin.
    Seconds later, she followed the trail of hair from his chest with her tongue, over his six-pack abs, to the head of his cock. One drop of pre-cum glistened on the tip, tempting her to taste, enticing her with the smell of sex and man lingering on his skin. Saliva filled her mouth. Swiping her tongue from root to tip had him lifting his hips. She swirled her tongue around the head before she took him fully in her mouth. Groans of need spilled from his lips with each pass over him until he pulled her up and flipped her over. His left hand pinned both of hers above her head.
    "No fair teasing me."
    "All's fair in love and sex."
    "So, you won't mind if I torment you for a bit, eh?" The rough pad of his tongue slipped over her cheek to her ear. Teeth nipped at her earlobe. Goose bumps skittered across her flesh. The tender, ultra-sensitive spot below her ear became the focus of his attention. Toes curls, thighs parted, wetness seeped out of her pussy to coat the inside of her underwear. She wanted him, needed him with every fiber of her being.
    "Tucker, please."
    "No rush. We have all night."
    His mouth closed over her left

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